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Möbius Chip

They could have different flavors on each side
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These are chips [or "crisps"] shaped like Möbius strips. How you make them: Just take a long strip of potato (cut them the long way) then, before you fry them, just twist over 1/2 of a full rotation, connect the ends with edible paste, and Viola! Edible, one sided chips.
dehodson, Jun 19 2008

Moebius Pasta Moebius_20Pasta
[xaviergisz, Jun 19 2008]

Yes [Ling], we have... M_f6bius_27s_20Trip_20Award
We are up to our one-sided ears in Mobiusness around here. [theleopard, Jun 19 2008]

Mobius zips Mobius_20zips
Still can't do umlaeute properly (or remember the correct plural). [nineteenthly, Jun 19 2008]



       ...but...there is no "each side"   

       For a moment, I thought this would be for microchips, or chocolate chips.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 19 2008

       To: [2 fries shy of a happy meal], It was meant as a joke.
dehodson, Jun 19 2008

       *subtle* is easily overlooked here :)
po, Jun 19 2008

       Actually, might there be an advantage to a Moebius _silicon_ chip? I mean some kind of circuit with "never-ending" wires, as it were.
nineteenthly, Jun 19 2008

       Not just never ending.. even a circular wire would be never ending. this will make electrons land on opposite sides.. wonder what that'll do..
pravincar, Jun 19 2008

       Yes. How about wiring an adder in that way? I haven't got the image clearly in my head, but i'm sort of thinking half-adder linked backwards to itself, or maybe some kind of shift register or deque. Sorry, need some paper.   

       Come to think of it, there's nothing could be done therewith that wouldn't be doable with crossing tracks, though it might make it easier and there could still be topologically Moebius circuits.
nineteenthly, Jun 19 2008

       (-) I like the subtitle, but still have to vote against this - it's a pun, it's a very well-trodden theme on this site, the execution doesn't really work, there's no function to this thing other than the reference, and this must be about the 100,000th reuse of the "Viola" joke. (Cue balloons falling from ceiling.)   

       You can cut Möbius chips without gluing. Imagine a metal protective core descending into the potato's middle, then a laser cut traveling twice around the perimeter while turning just so. Of course, they stack funny - one true Möbius chips in the middle, and a stack of double-twisted loops that all go through the hole of the middle chip.
jutta, Jun 19 2008

       Ideas that simply take on the Mobius, Kline, Schhrodinger, or Pavlov theories (among others) really need to have a convincingly intriguing development above and beyond their intrinsically interesting concepts. Otherwise you just get reams of Möbius [flat objects], Kline [bottle objects] Schrodinger [boxes] etc ab absurdo ad infinitum and so on.   

       So I agree [-].
theleopard, Jun 19 2008

       Have we had a Möbius trip, yet? Or is that one coming soon?   

       (later) Oh, we have. Thanks [theleopard].
Ling, Jun 19 2008

       It all makes me want to have a bit of a Möbius strop
hippo, Jun 19 2008

       Sorry, this was my first idea. I didn't know how many "Mobius" Posts there were
dehodson, Jun 19 2008

       Yeah, I realized that... nothing personal. There should be a word for this phenomenon of arriving somewhere where people think a lot like you and being misinterpreted as derivative as a result.   

       You could reduce the cutting waste by keeping the twist local and having the location of the twist travel around the middle axis of the potato. (Imagine stacking horizontal slices with a little bump in them.) I just think that gluing really wouldn't hold up, and that having something without a visible joint would be more baffling.
jutta, Jun 19 2008

       Yeah, all the best ideas have, very likely, already been done.
Ling, Jun 19 2008

       Or, you could go the pringles route and make a sort of potato slurry and form it in a Möbius mold.
dehodson, Jun 19 2008

       My "first" idea was Moebius zips.
nineteenthly, Jun 19 2008

       Really, anything only has a single side, so long as it's not hollow.
daseva, Jun 19 2008

       I thought I lived in a 3D world...
po, Jun 19 2008

       What if the cat were on the in-outside of a klein bottle, and was being chased by Pavlov's dog?
RayfordSteele, Jun 24 2008


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