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Making MWI universes with more white light in them

whenever Rb decays to Kr, or whenever Cs turns to Xe a new element is formed with a white light discharge spectrum, everytime there is a new element atom a new MWI (many worlds interpretation of physics) universe that spontaneously produces more white light
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I ordered some uranium glass rods and rubidium chloride off ebay. I think that putting the Rb next to the uranium will cause some amount of the Rb to be irradiated and decay into Kr

Of course that only happens sometimes when a neutron from uranium attaches to an RB, the Rb becomes unstable and then emits a proton. Since it only happens sometimes, the MWI version of a universe that produces the krypton is the one with the new Kr atom, and at that universe sometimes the Kr will emit a photon or do another quantum thing just as it exists with a group white light producing effect.

If the uranium glass rods only produce a few billion or trillion Kr atoms (likely more), and each Kr atom lasts more than 11 billion years, and each second there are a million light emissions then this is some really vast number of branch universes with more white light in them.

So it is an MWI machine to produce white light

beanangel, Dec 11 2019


       I suppose an even more effective way to make MWI universes with more white light in them would just be to get an Xe or Kr spectrum tube off eBay and turn it on. There are picosecond lasers so it seems like there would be a moment of light emission each picosecond, possibly from the majority of atoms in the tube. When you order one it is likely they make a new one, so the amount of Xe or Kr spectrum emitted goes up.   

       The thing is though is that comparing 11 billion years of light emission from each new krypton or Xenon atom, compared with just activating existing kypton or xenon atoms is different. Any ideas on which emits more photons?
beanangel, Dec 11 2019

       I hear uranium glass glows green if put under a blacklight (uv-a light).
sninctown, Dec 12 2019

       The number of photons emitted depends on the temperature. For example, in a xenon arc light bulb, the xenon gas is made very hot by an electric spark arcing through the gas. The xenon glows white-hot, ~6000K, and makes a lot of light.   

       According to the MWI, is there a universe that is just full of xenon light bulbs?   

       I don't know if there's anything I can do to change how much light there is in other universes. The MWI seems to say that all universes exist, and my choices just (maybe) determine which universe I live in. No matter what I do, all of the other universes are the same?
sninctown, Dec 12 2019

       I think the definition of "exist" needs a bit of work.
pocmloc, Dec 12 2019

       Yes, but why? I feel it's quite fun to have more mystery.
Mindey, Dec 12 2019

       //more mystery// Isn't that what religion is for?
pocmloc, Dec 12 2019

       Hey, can somebody turn that light out? I'm trying to sleep here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2019

       I only had to read the first two words of the title to know whose idea this was.   

       What's the point, though?   

       // make MWI universes with more white light in them //   

       Why do you want to do that?   

       Actually, let's break it down further:   

       // make MWI universes //   

       Why do you want to do that?   

       Even if you succeed, what have you achieved?
notexactly, Dec 20 2019


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