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Male breasts

Fake lactating breats for men
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Wouldn't it be great if someone made a realistic strap-on set of heated lactating breasts for guys (or even Moms who can't)? Moms who breast feed would surely appreciate the break and I'm sure their tired, sore nipples would too. Think about it - top idea or what?! I'm surprised the adult industry hasn't developed this one already :/

(And no, this isn't a joke.)

gozer, Jul 11 2002

the first link I found on the subject - no time to read it though http://freebirth.com/milkmen.htm
its a subject we have mentioned before [po, Jul 11 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Men can breast feed. http://www.babycent...ICUAQIJSHPQ?CP_bid=
Read this, and begin stimulating your nipples. [[ sctld ], Jul 11 2002]

Chindogu breasts http://digital--und....tripod.com/id8.htm
Hope this helps :) [madradish, Jul 12 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Milkmen: Fathers Who Breastfeed http://www.unassist...rth.com/milkmen.htm
"He stayed at home with the baby (he was a massage therapist) and nursed her exclusively until she was 8 months old!!" [Klaatu, Oct 21 2004]

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       po found some 'breats', as you call them "gozer"
thumbwax, Jul 11 2002

       hmm...don't like the idea of ACTUALLY breast feeding...much too painful :(
gozer, Jul 11 2002

       Actual breasts certainly would even the score.
[ sctld ], Jul 11 2002

       What exactly is wrong with a baby bottle?
DrCurry, Jul 11 2002

       Since when has *that* been an issue on here?
angel, Jul 11 2002

       I'm pretty sure that this has been baked by the Chindogu society. I just can't find a link.
[ sctld ], Jul 11 2002

       [ sctld ] : Yes, it's definitely a Chindogu - I've seen it in the book, I just couldn't place it for a while. Does this put it in the "baked" category ?
8th of 7, Jul 11 2002

       Would they be by prescription only or could they be bought just to satisfy a personal fetish?
hexadecimal, Jul 11 2002

       I dunno. Seems like a wonderful and (un)natural idea. The whole act of feeding is supposed to be some kind of bonding experience beyond mere provision of food (bottles). Gender confusion notwithstanding, I support this, although hexadecimal has a pretty good point.
polartomato, Jul 11 2002

       Bonding?!! Babies may eat anything, but this has "son beats dad's ass" written all over it years down the road.
spartanica, Jul 12 2002

       There's a lot of stuff along the lines of men doing female functions. "Sympathy bellies" so men can better understand what pregnancy feels like, breast feeding, etc. A Schwarzenegger film, "Junior", (which I haven't seen) comes to mind. With enough research, men and women won't need each other!   

       Wandering from the subject... I envision a distant future when changing bodies will be as easy as changing clothes. Be like getting a new car: live it up and trash a body (body builder physique to massive beer belly in less than a year!), then get a new model. Pregnant? Trade that body in and let someone into used goods pick it up at the used body lot. Or perhaps a local community college would shop for bodies in certain conditions for a medical history class. Zelazny's "Lord of Light"...
ThotMouser, Jul 15 2002

       i got a permanent sympathy belly and the breasts are coming along nicely, thanks
ossian72, Oct 11 2003

       From what I've heard, no one has managed to synthesize breast milk, which would be a problem, unless the mother didn't mind 'saving' the excesses for later...I don't know the shelf life of breast milk either, but probably not long (although you could have it mass 'produced' with human milking farms, even make money on the side from the people who like this particular fetish...I think this may have been mentioned once)
inc_b, Oct 21 2003

       We already have dairy farms. But is cow's milk really as healthy for humans as the dairy association claims it is? (Got milk?) Why should we only be allowed the milk of a species other than our own? I think we should be given more options. Of course, human milk would have to be far more expensive as it is comes in much smaller quantities than cows can produce. When pasteurized human milk becomes available on supermarket shelves, will they need to see your baby's ID first, before unlocking the dairy case where it is kept cold and fresh?
zythman, Dec 28 2003

       Baked <link>
Klaatu, Dec 29 2003

       This invention is totally unnecessary. Human males, just like every other mammalian male with present nipples can indeed train their bodies to lactate in the presence of an infant. Almost all male coyotes lactate to take care of their extremely vulnerable young, and although it is very uncommon today, human males would nurse their offspring if the female died or was too sick. Unlike some species in which the male puts almost no stake in the success of his offspring's survival, human males naturally care about their children's survival, as it is a direct source of power and security for them.
bwv61, Jul 18 2004


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