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Manual Slider CVT

Select infinite gear ratios with a sliding lever
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Some CVTs offer the driver the option to manually select several pre-set ratios like a manual transmission.

Instead, why not have a manually controlled sliding lever so you can retain control of gear ratios but still have an infinite ammount of ratios. This would allow compression braking and other features not available on an automatically-controlled CVT.

discontinuuity, Oct 02 2005


       One of the most impressive things to me about the CVT is its ability to "hold back" the vehicle on downhill sections of road. Even with only six preset ratios, it works like a charm.   

       I really am not sure that I'd get much out of having the slider. As the terrain changes, you'd still have to be moving the shifter around to fine tune the ratio. It might be overkill. I'd try it though.
half, Oct 02 2005

       Indeed [half], I've got a 1.0 Micra with CVT and it does an excellent job of maintaining a steady speed when u're going downhill. However, [Pa've], my rather primitive CVT computer doesn't allow me to use the car's maximum power; if I floor it just goes straight up to the red line where it develops no torque whatsoever, it won't allow the engine to run at either peak torque or peak power with full throttle.   

       The idea of manually controlling the CVT ratio is certainly interesting but it'd be a hell of a lot of work; my car reacts to every movement I make on the gas pedal so you'd end up being like a helicopter pilot, having to work 3 things at once.
squigbobble, Oct 02 2005

       I have considered this is the past. It would require relearning how to drive to some extent but would be very interesting. I think a decent onboard computer would be (will be?) the better solution in the end.
wagster, Oct 02 2005

       The DAF 55 had this.
angel, Oct 02 2005

       I should have said, this idea would be mainly for racing or sports car applications, where you want total control of every part of the car, without any computer interfering. For everyday applications, a computer would be the best controller.
discontinuuity, Oct 02 2005

       "...control of every part of the car, without any computer interfering.", ooh-ooh do the fuel injectors next.
half, Oct 02 2005

       [half], we could also manually retard and advance the spark like motorcycles in the 40s.
discontinuuity, Oct 02 2005

       I believe the advantage of a CVT is that the proper ratio is selected automatically?
whlanteigne, Jul 03 2006

       Actually the advantage of a CVT is that it can create an infinite number of gear ratios for the best possible acceleration, gas millage, cruising rpm, etc. The fact that it can only be controlled by a computer (unless there's a virtual gear ratio selector like on Audi CVTs) is a downside.
acurafan07, Dec 28 2006

       You could abuse this to play music with your engine.
caspian, Jan 02 2007

       With my conventional manual transmission, I often find myself skipping from 1 to 3, because I don't see the need to spend any amount of time in 2. With the Manual CVT, the driver could push the lever forward as they accelerate, selecting the desired ratio, without ever decoupling the ICE from the drive wheels. Optimize the ratio for performance or for economy; whatever the situation requires. [+]
ed, Jul 24 2008

       i desgined a trans like this for my ranger rover to include the trnsfer box...may build it someday... thanks Nick
randylandy666, Jul 24 2008


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