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Keeping you dry and in the right place
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Rather than having those difficult to fold ordanance survey maps why not use a Maprella. This product opens out as a normal umbreela does but on the inside is a map of the area that you are walking through. The inner layer of the umbrella acts as a display screen, controlled by GPS. This means that wherever you go the map would change accordingly so you wouldn't need to buy numerous maps just the one Maprella.
Miss Weston Smith, Apr 05 2004


       Hm. So you have a source for a light, foldable, waterproof display screen? Sounds like magic technology to me.   

       Beyond that, however, I think most of us would have trouble navigating by looking up all the time. How about throwing a projection on the ground?
DrCurry, Apr 05 2004

       Oh ye of little faith - I'm sure that if needs be, it could be done.
Miss Weston Smith, Apr 05 2004

       I love Ordnance Survey maps, can't say I find them hard to fold. Also, you can buy waterproof covers for them and most good jackets for the great outdoors have a map pocket. What if it isn't raining? Plus, you'll miss seeing stuff if you're looking up at your map. Original idea, though.
saker, Apr 05 2004

       (+) You don't need a folding screen at all.
Design the umbrella so that white fabric stretches taut underneath when opened. Images could be displayed from a small circular projector mounted around the shaft from the inside.

       + This I like. Bit hard to open in the car, though.
lostdog, Apr 05 2004

       If a projector were placed in the handle facing upwards there would be a triangular shaped shadow on the far side of the shaft.   

Orient gloden support spar to face North using inculded magnetic compass.
Be patient while the GPS satellites updates your present position.
Enjoy your tour of London!

       Maybe you could iluminate each support to indicate places of interest. Walk arround a bit, and notice one of the metal bars glowing red - there is a pub. Follow the green spar to the nearest Greek eatery, etc ...
Letsbuildafort, Apr 06 2004

       Hmm, have realised that getting a maprella to stay the right way in in a strong wind/sweeping rain situation might be as much of a problem as unfolding a map and refolding it to get onto the side you want. Thus the idea may need further tweaking in order to make it practical. Any suggestions?
Miss Weston Smith, Apr 18 2004

       Let the handle swivel freely. As long as it remains stationary the projection will remain unmoving while the screen spins any way it wants.   

       I don't understand why this is an umbrella. What's wrong with a PDA map thingy?
waugsqueke, Apr 18 2004

       An umbreela?
DesertFox, Jul 30 2004


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