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Marihuana smoke smuggling

Marihuana smoke smuggling
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What if someone take 50 kilos og Marihuana and set it on fire, then collects the smoke compressed in a gasflask, and smuggle it in to any country, and then got caught. What would the charge be? Arrested for smuggling 100 m3 of marihuanasmoke? How much does it weigh? Could you find out what the streetvalue would be? It could be administered and sold in astmaspraycans. Noone would take notice of someone who take their medisin for astma.And then you can smoke Marihuana everywhere, without being caught. This is a pretty good idea. If the smugglers are caught, then the case will drag on for years.
fisk, Feb 11 2001

How to Make Wicked Hash http://www.cannabis.../articles/2312.html
"Making hash is easier than you think!" [bristolz, Feb 22 2002, last modified Apr 18 2005]


       or refill with mace or pepper spray then u would become public enemy no. 1
edski, Feb 12 2001

       The typos in that submission alone lead me to believe that fisk is already smuggling smoke into his/her lungs....
Susen, Feb 12 2001

       Actually the charge would be more. Marijuana is a class B substance, as soon as you purify, or change it in any way to extract the key ingrediants, it becomes a class A substance, up there with heroin, cocaine, and crack. Therefore it wouldnt be good for smuggling. I thought of this idea myself to avoid the nuisance of lightin up around people, you could just inhale from a little can, much, much less smell, and no wasted smoke!
Random, Feb 19 2001

       hey fisk im luving ur idea aye, y not do it!! problem is how wud u get da smoke in2 the little things in the asthma inhalers i have a becotideinhaler 4 asthma and the medication in it is actually like liquid or powder so yeah u may have 2 rethink that idea but hey yeah u cud put it in a aerosol can like a flyspray can & UnaBubba dat idea about taking care of your munchies wiv a hashbrown liquid smoke now dat wud b fuckin awesome!! hey who cares about the charge just do it!!
princess_mel, Feb 22 2002

       Might I suggest you learn English before posting again?
StarChaser, Feb 22 2002

       What the hell was that?
mighty_cheese, Feb 22 2002

       I've always wondered whether it would be commercially viable to prepare package and sell bananodine. (Similar to Ganja but Legal.... extracted from the pifth of bananas... only problem is you need a *LOT* of bananas worth to get high, but maybe in mass production...)
CasaLoco, Feb 22 2002

       I've smuggled marijuana smoke into the classroom before after nearly being caught smoking cones in the school toilets. Upon nearly being caught one tends to accidently swallow it and burp it up when being interrogated by the teacher. Supporting the theory: I didn't get busted then.
axertes, Feb 23 2002

       //prepare package and sell bananodine.//   

       Please tell me you know that: (1) You misspelled bananadine, (2) which is an urban legend, not a drug,   

       and, please, if you smoke bananas, upload pictures so we can all point and laugh.
disbomber, Apr 16 2005

       from what line of royalty did princess_mel spring from?
benfrost, Apr 17 2005

       Better yet, make it into ink, draw something, and smoke the comic book.
cloudface, Apr 17 2005

       I imagined a huge, joint-shaped zeppelin, hiding behind the clouds. Groovy.
jaksplat, Apr 17 2005

       Only one problem. When kept for longer than a short period, marijuana smoke quickly turns stale and unpleasant to the palette. Figure into this the detrimental health effects of the combusted carcinogens and tar and its a loser. A more sensible solution would be to use vaporising technology to extract the active ingredient (THC) from the marijuana, and store this vapour instead. As well as being colorless (easier to smuggle) the vapour will not turn stale in the same way as smoke. Also has the benefits of 99.9% less carcinogens and tar as no plant material is combusted, as well as being 5-10% more potent (as some of the THC is destroyed upon combustion).
HowardMarks, Apr 17 2005

       [Random] is right legally.   

       [Howardmarks] is right. This idea would not work, for, as anyone who has smoked (a legal substance) from a bong COULD tell you that smoke left in the piece turns stale.   

       Bananodine is a myth. Look it up, because if you believe it, you don't deserve a link.   

       [benfrost] I'm pretty sure that the spanish royalties propensity for marrying auntie might have led to the birth of our little princess.
Blumster, Apr 18 2005

       //This is a pretty good idea.// Yeh mon. Schedule A is something you don whan mess wid. Mandatory Prison in US. Right or wrong, It's how it is last I heard.
And on the arrest paperwork they'll spell it marijuana.
Man, I hate to be all prickly like that, but, be careful, man.
Zimmy, Apr 18 2005

       //[Howardmarks] is right//
Well duh!
stilgar, Nov 23 2006

       After carefully overanalizing [fisk]'s spelling and grammar ("marihuana", "asthmaspraycan", "marihuanasmoke") I have come to the conclusion he is from Germany. That would partly justify his weird spelling. But what excuse do the other posters have for their misspelling?   

       //smoke quickly turns stale and unpleasant to the palette//   

       Palate: the upper surface of the mouth that separates the oral and nasal cavities.   

       Palette: the range of colour characteristic of a particular artist or painting or school of art.   

       So, either misspelled, or an extremely witty if circumspect comment on the deterrioration of an artist's work due to too much marijuana.   

       Back to the topicat hand, why not smuggle marijuana smoke in giant party baloons? And if the customs officers try to "search" them, just pop one with a cigarette, and escape in the ensuing giggling.
Veho, Nov 23 2006

       sp. topic at   

       sp. balloons   

       sp. overanalyzing   

       sp. deterioration   

       Physician - heal thyself.
jtp, Nov 23 2006

       //Physician - heal thyself.//   

       I wasn't criticising, I was trying to introduce the palate/palette joke. I have to work on my lead-in (And the set-up. And the follow-though. And the after-flourish. etc. etc.)   

       Anyway, my lousy excuse? I'm Croatian ;) And I would appreciate if you pointed out any errors you notice in my spelling.
Veho, Nov 23 2006

       This is baked, as inhalers containing THC for use in treatment of pain. However, THC on it's own is not enough, it's the other trace chemicals that give the substance it's subtle nuances and make it what it is. Not to mention the CBD too.
webfishrune, Nov 24 2006

       If the Cannabis is cut with Datura, as it sometimes is, the Datura side of it would actually help with the asthma. If it was taken orally rather than smoked, it would reduce or eliminate the carcinogenicity, although any long term harm to the brain would presumably stay. It's quite a good analgesic, even so, and i would be surprised if it wasn't at least a mild bronchodilator when taken orally so i would say, Cannabis is probably good for asthma per os, although not the first choice, but then Datura's an excellent bronchodilator anyway. Is there a rebound effect from Cannabis on the lungs?
nineteenthly, Nov 24 2006


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