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A new way to stop fast boats that are bringing drugs to the U.S.
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Advertise that we are building wave collectors along the coast of Puertorico to generate hydro power electricity. But instead the wave collectors will be high power propellors that can shoot vapor bubbles through the water and destroy all fast boats before they can bring drugs into the U.S. With propellors placed in key positions trhoughout the Caribian we can target any ship and shoot a straight straem of vapor bubbles directly at the ship without causeing to much damage to marine life.

The reason I suggest useing vapor bubles instead of missles is because if we began firing missles it would be all over the news that the Navy is acting inhumane and all other countrys will be on our back saying we have declared war. By using propellors we can secretly destroy any ship in the Carribian without anyone knowing what happened, I doubt vapor bubbles can be detected on a radar, and we can just blame it on the Burmuda triangle.

This is just a wild idea, not something I am considering to devote my time to research. It takes to long to explain how and why, but let me just say vapor bubbles are very destructive and if they are fired at the boats flank while the boat is moving at high speed it can huge damage.

wood2coal, Sep 06 2001


       first you have to detect the smugling boats and if you know where they are wouldn't it be easy to have police inplace to confiscate the drugs...   

       I like the idea of blaming the bermuda triangle though...
RobertKidney, Sep 06 2001

       I cannot understand the concept of shooting vapo(u)r bubbles.
March Hare, Sep 06 2001

       I also have trouble understanding the destructive power of vapor bubbles, except on a personal level whilst bathing after a meal of cabbage and beans. Wouldn't it be more effective to build mechanical albatross which would land on the boats and then explode? Maybe they wouldn't be fast enough, though.
Dog Ed, Sep 06 2001

       Oh sure PeterSealy rain all over the vigilante parade. It's people like you--decent, intelligent, moral people--who spoilt lynching for everyone. Good on ya.
Dog Ed, Sep 07 2001

       Peter: For me, vigilant population = good; vigilantes = bad (assuming the definition of 'vigilante' as one who dispenses punishment personally and with neither the encumberance nor the endorsement of a formal justice system). On rereading, I'm not sure if wood2coal's idea is to have the Navy build these things or have some secret Gummint agency do it.   

       And further: cavitation is very desctructive but it occurs typically on propellers or impellers and is (I think) caused by low-pressure conditions which cause the water to flash momentarily to gas in a 'bubble' at the surface of the moving metal part. Can you induce cavitation in some sort of projectile form, perhaps sonically? Can you do it from shore installations and target boats without vast destruction of sea life between the installation and the target? Dunno.
Dog Ed, Sep 07 2001

       Ok, since we're all(most) on the realm of the strange, why don't we just skip the vapor bubbles thing and use lasers or (ill-mannered sea bass for that matter). Or giant squid or...
jong-scx, Mar 04 2003

       sharks with frikkin' laser beams attached to their heads.
sambwiches, Mar 04 2003

       NOW yer talkin'!
snarfyguy, Mar 04 2003

       Ooo ooo I have a better idea! Let's use super high pitched sonar to have millions of whales come to the place where the drug dealers boat is located and then change the frequency to make them surface and blow. Everything is wonderful under the sea!   

       Now to be serious... vapor bubbles!??!!?!??!??! Air is a destructive force when it's moving fast enough... how do you propose that we create these boat wrecking vapor bubbles that travel hundreds of yards (or meters for our superior foreign friends) off shore? Since this idea has it's roots under the sea, I believe it'll be right at home with the fish I'm sending it's way.
sheep, Feb 19 2004

       //(or meters for our superior foriegn friends)//   

       Got it in one, and it's metres.
Germanicus, Aug 25 2005


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