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Marijuana Beer

combine everyones two favorite drugs
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Simple. Brew, distill or ferment marijuana plants to make alcohol. There should be enough residual THC to give this drink an additional punch.

It could be called Stonerbrau!

funcrusher, Feb 26 2001

Beer review: Hempen Ale http://www.thenetne...reviews/hempen.html
From the ever-brilliant and ever-eccentric braumeister Markian Gooley, a review of Hempen Ale, with notes on homebrew efforts. [Uncle Nutsy, Feb 26 2001, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Frederick Brewing Company http://www.fredbrew.com
Maryland microbrewer of Hempen Ale and other, better, beers. [Uncle Nutsy, Feb 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

to belgiuM http://cannabis-belgie.com/
If European pages ar as hard to find as American I ad..... [postseti, Jul 07 2002, last modified Oct 06 2004]

(?) Good info on absinthe and thujone. http://www.chem.ox....inthe/absinthe.html
[bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Nootnops Blue http://spontoon.roo.../SPwArt/JPMo002.gif
Fictional marijuanna drink--warning vague cartoon topless natives [5th Earth, Oct 04 2004]

Siebensternbräu http://translate.go...5C3%25A4u%26hl%3Den
This place is in Vienna, kind of a micro-brewery type thing - some of their more unusual beers include hemp, and chilli beers. A great place, thoroughly reccomended. [zen_tom, Mar 15 2007]


       Two disgusting tastes that taste disgusting together.
bookworm, Feb 26 2001

       yeah. this is exactly what our society needs. (If you can't feel the sarcasm dripping off of these words, then you need to sober up and re-read them)
Susen, Feb 27 2001

       go gr8 with a kebab
edski, Feb 27 2001

       *ahem* Baked, though to stay on the good side of the DEA it's sans THC. Maryland's Frederick Brewing Company makes "Hempen Ale" and "Hempen Gold."   

       I've had the ale, and it's, well, eh. Not bad, I guess, but nothing special.
Uncle Nutsy, Feb 27 2001

       You can make marijuana alchohol by stuffing on ounce into a bottle of something strong (everclear) and letting it sit for a while. I had never tried it but its susposed to get you the effects of both.
crimeboss, Jul 05 2001

       I'm with [Mephista] on this one. Though why stick with boring old grape wine? Silver birch wine and mead are excellent accompanying drinks.
-alx, Sep 01 2001

       For everyone's information, there is actually a marjijuana alcohol that's been around for centuries: absenth. You can see it in a couple of movies (Moulin Rouge and Murder By Number). It was actually outlawed at the time of hemp and never brought into market. The explanation, as I heard, was that not only was it dangerous as a halucinogen, but it's proof was through the roof. If you were to drink half the bottle you'd die of blood alcohol poisioning. Nonetheless, I'd love to try it :o)
phunknight, Jul 08 2002

       Here in Montreal, every one of the brew-pubs in the city has a "biere de chanvre" (hemp beer) on the menu. Its generally a red ale with a strong sweet taste. Not too bad tasting but not my favourite. However, anyone who says that hemp has a bad flavor hasn't eaten hemp seeds, cuz they're yummy! Also, I don't think phunknight has the story quite right with regards to Absinthe (which is available for sale here again after a long absence). The active ingredient is (or was) a plant called wormwood, which gave it certain halucinogenic properties. Otherwise its pretty much a stronger, less viscuous version of Jagermeister.
w3nch, Jul 08 2002

       There is absolutely no marijuana in Absynthe (Absinth, Absynth, etc..)   

       The active ingredient (hah) is Oil of Wormwood, which was banned in the US due to it's supposed hallucinogenic properties.   

       Anyway, it tastes like shit. Don't waste your time. Go get a fatty.
Mr Burns, Jul 09 2002

       A fatty is a blunt, silly. I always thought that Oil of Wormwood was supposed to be 99% chemically similar to marijuana.
phunknight, Jul 10 2002

       Ah, absinthe... that delightful flavour that manages to somehow blend Kendal mint cake and lighter fuel. But in my experience any comparison with marijuana is just wishful thinking; it's about as hallucinogenic as the worm in the Mezcal bottle.   

       I have, however, heard tell of a chap who marinaded his grass in mead, drank the mead and smoked the weed. Sounds rather intriguing.
Guy Fox, Jul 10 2002

       Now that absinthe is legalized for sale in the UK once more you are likely to find it in your local Sainsbury's - should be a lot of demand since absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.... Also, you can get marijuana cocktails at the Potemkin Bar/Restaurant in Clerkenwell in London.
dietzgen, Aug 11 2002

       A friend of mine put a large quantity of skunk in at some stage of his home-brewing. The resulting drink was a perfect blend of alcohol and THC i.e., pretty strong on both counts, and a couple of leisurely pints would leave you in a rather happy state. It also tasted pretty good, at least the weed part anyway - his beer always tastes like shit.
sild, Aug 12 2002

       When will alchohol be legalized, at least for medical useage? My glaucoma has gotten out of hand.   

       I like the last post, but I wonder about the details. i know little about making beer, but I do know that excessive heat kills the THC molecules, right? This applies to the making of "Bud Butter" and otherwise attempting to cheaply process the active component in marijuana.   

       You won't want beer that tastes like weed, from my experience. Nothing tastes worse than bud butter and nothing smells worse than spilled bong water. Back me up, people.
segFault32, Sep 07 2002

       Welcome to the HalfBakery, [segFault32].   

       I just have to fishbone this on the principle of its obvious attempt to perpetuate the downfall of society.
Do we really need people getting pissed and stoned simultaneously?
NickTheGreat, Sep 07 2002

       obviously written by someone who has rarely been either.. ;op
yamahito, Sep 07 2002

       I hold up my hands and make no secret of the fact that Yama speaks the truth.
NickTheGreat, Sep 08 2002

       Thujone is absolutely the active ingredient. It is a neurotoxin and actually can paralyze worms, allowing you to poop them out. Thus the name of the herb flavoring absinthe: wormwood. Modern absinthe has only a tiny amount of it, but thujone definitely has effects seperate from the alcohol.   

       As regards copper sulfate, I thought that was blue. In any case, no solution of copper salts would turn white when you add water, as absinthe does.
bungston, Apr 27 2003

       After more research, it looks like I was misinformed. yes, LSA and Thujone are both present in varying amounts depending on the absinthe. They both would color an alcohol-binge so both could be considered active ingredients. LSA leads to hallucinations, and Thujone increases the effect of alcohol being another depressent.
johnmeacham, Apr 27 2003

       I'll stick with Ricard as served in a typical French pastis. Yummy and refreshing!
snarfyguy, May 01 2003

       I'm still surprised that no one has attempted to bootleg the *original* formula for Coca-Cola... My understanding is that, like a lot of other patent medicines of the day, it contained coco...aine.
cloudface, Aug 15 2003

       Alcohol makes many people want to fight and drive fast and recklessly, and weed makes people mellow and drive real sloooow. Maybe the combination would cancel out some of the bad effects of each.
macrumpton, Aug 03 2004

       [segFault32]//Nothing tastes worse than bud butter// question of tastes I guess, I love it, especially in cookies.   

       //nothing smells worse than spilled bong water// this comment always makes me wonder if the poster has actually tasted weed. Bong water smells and tastes of the tarry residue of smoke, not weed itself.   

       I have seen hemp beer but never weed beer. I have considered distilling a weed liqueur. My reasoning is that a nice joint can seem more like drinking through a thin straw than smoking. I would serve it warm through one of those little red straws that come with the calypso cups school cafes sell. Probably awful but very nice in my imagination.   

       Weed can also make wonderful tea, grind the weed well and brew it for a bit longer than tea. Before anyone points out that thc doesn't dissolve in water, I know. The tea only contains the suspended trichromes and other loose surface particles from the bud. It seems to do fairly well though as smoking the weed afterwards gives a greatly reduced effect.
stilgar, Aug 23 2004

       The effects of weed keep your gag reflexes from operating as well. You don't realize that you need to puke some of that alcohol up. This is why you shouldn't get stoned and then s**t faced. You die of alcohol poisoning if you're not lucky. Combining both kind of adds to the problem.
destructionism, Aug 23 2004

       This is very baked, many times over, as many internet searches will readily show. Of course, legal and social issues prevent people from easily exchanging detailed information on the subject. Some points to consider, based on some recipe research/general chemistry/physiology: -THC is not water soluble, and is destroyed by the sustained heat involved in brewing- thus, in order for marijuana beer to impart an extra "kick," the marijuana needs to be added to the wort after at least one of the fermentation stages. (THC is soluble in alcohol.) -Many report a disagreable "green" flavor in their beer- this apparently can be avoided by "blanching" the cannabis briefly in hot water before using it in the beer. -Ingesting cannabis, compared to smoking it, produces a much less pronounced effect (per unit weight of bud), but one that lasts substantially longer. A bit of experimentation with THC and alcohol levels would allow one to produce anything from a mild beer with an extra "buzz" to a lethal concoction best consumed in moderation. -As anyone with experience in the subject knows, mixing alcohol and THC, in high enough quantities, is an EXCELLENT way to induce vomiting. The anti-emetic qualities of THC are simply not strong enough to overcome the "spins" created by this combination. -Marijuana cordial would be absurdly easy to make, as it would simply involve soaking marijuana in a strong alcohol (this is the basic idea behind any cordial.) The THC would be dissolved into the alcohol, sealing the deal.
billumberg, Mar 26 2005

       Given that so many people, over the course of history, have found stimulus and inspiration in either or both of these two drugs, it seems the height of arrogance on the part of nay-sayers to simply condemn the idea to the great ashtray in the sky.   

       A hearty two thumbs up.
neuro, Aug 08 2006


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