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Market CDs like Books

Not sure if this is actually my idea.
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How about marketing CD's like books.

The first release is is expensive with glossy packaging, extras etc, will last for ever (like a hard back book ) and is aimed a those who will buy it regardless of cost e.g collectors and hard core fans. The second release a few months later is cheaper and more like regular releases we get now (like a quality paperback) - aimed at regular buyers. The third release perhaps over a year later is real cheap has minimal packaging and may not last long (like a cheap paperback) and is aimed a those who graze or play things only once.

blammo, Oct 05 2004


       I read this in October's Wired magazine.
neilp, Oct 05 2004

       This months Wired? Really? What are the chances of that happening! The essence of this idea appeared at least a year ago.
blammo, Oct 05 2004

       I read somewhere this was their latest idea to stop people file-sharing. Have a no-frills (no artwork etc.) version a few dollars cheaper than a normal CD is now, the normal album at the usual price, and one with loads of extra pointless material to rip off the completists.   

       Didn't hear them explain how even the cheapest version was expected to compete with the free one downloaded off the internet though. Not that I advocate that kind of behaviour, no siree.
lyserge, Oct 05 2004


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