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Market segment rent

Rather than buying a particular product, rent position in the market place
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For example,

mobile phones and cars all fit within a segment of the marketplace.

Rather than picking and choosing a particular model or product, you should just be able to say I want "premium high end phone" or "budget phone"

Or "off roader" car, "I've made it" car, "reliable" car.

Or flagship desktop computer.

Then the market segment is delivered to you and kept up-to- date as the market segment is upgraded.

chronological, Jun 04 2020


       This is potentially plausible as an idea but it requires more info. It could descend into another one of these service model ideas that have been mercilessly dissected here before, except this one is not so good (requires too much user input). Also, need to specify who collects the rental, how the rental level is set, how the decision is made about which specific product is delivered, based on the specified criteria. Do private manufacturing companies lobby the rent-collecting -decision-making -product-delivery aggregator to get their product delivered? Who assesses standards and how does the customer complain?   

       e.g. I want an "off roader" car, I pay a rental of £106.57 per month for the "off roader" car service. A car is delivered, it is winched off its transporter truck onto my front lawn. It is off the road, it will not go on the road. I have no grounds for complaint. I am billed £106.57 every month because the car is still on my fecking lawn. If I want it removed I cannot dispose of it myself because it is not mine, it belongs to the company and they would charge me full replacement value (£10,000 plus expenses) if I arrange for a third party to remove it. They will remove it for me but only if I take out a second product, for "unwanted vehicle disposal services" which costs £99.99 per month (minimum 12 month contract, not transferrable, minimum one unwanted vehicle to be removed each month, sourcing of additional unwanted vehicles not presented before the end of the month to be charged at standard rate of £120 per vehicle plus £85 delivery)
pocmloc, Jun 04 2020

       Product journalists, product reviewers, marketers would be responsible for analysing the market place and placing each product into a segment.   

       You'd pay the market segment rent company the rent which is fair and makes a profit for the company.
chronological, Jun 05 2020

       //they could just not deliver the requested product//   

       Fortunately "reasonable person" readings of contracts apply in most situations. And while they can try to screw you over in the small print, market competition will take care of the worst of that too.
Voice, Jun 06 2020


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