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Massive, complicated control panel

A living room decoration
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This control panel would fill a wall with blinking lights, numerical and graphical readouts, gauges, knobs, dials, switches, buttons, sliders, and every manner of control and information device. Many would be labeled with unguessable acronyms.
Voice, Nov 30 2010

Colossus (google images search) http://www.google.c...Ag&biw=1680&bih=835
WWII code breaking machine. [DrBob, Nov 30 2010]

On the wall off the wall synth http://groanmaster....-is-this-thing.html
[FlyingToaster, Sep 30 2012]

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       I had one of these as a 5-yo kid, from a government salvage yard, and hooked up one of the switches to a lantern battery and a small permanent-magnet motor, and attempted to get it to power my little red wagon.   

       The resulting frustration probably (45years later) led to my interest in the halfbakery. [+]
csea, Nov 30 2010

       [ ] though the concept of a series of works in picture frames is intriguing.
FlyingToaster, Nov 30 2010

       The Cabinet War Rooms in London (the until-recently-secret underground bunker from which the British Government ran its war operations between 1939 and 1945) has these - huge panels of dials and controls covering whole walls.
hippo, Nov 30 2010

       Install The Clapper on this control panel. How cool would it be if you walked into your dark living room, clapped twice, and a wall full of switches and panels blinked on?
sprints, Nov 30 2010

       I like the idea, but I suspect it might conflict with the other massively complicated element in my life, and she wouldn't like it.
Twizz, Nov 30 2010

       Wasn't this the starting point for Windows?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 30 2010

       You guys should see the diagnostics control systems of MAST or JET. Their experimental fusion reactors based in Culham, Oxfordshire. Each and every one panel made by an engineer who has retired and now there's no hope of figuring out exactly what they do! Look very cool though.
saedi, Nov 30 2010

       I would hope that manipulating the controls would start and stop unexpectred household appliances and equipment.
pocmloc, Nov 30 2010

       @Twizz [Like]
kevinthenerd, Sep 27 2012

       modular synthesizer: advantage is the knobs and dials and such actually do something. <link>
FlyingToaster, Sep 27 2012

       Why stop at living rooms? I see an untapped market in dictators of wealthy and politically-unstable republics or villains intent on world domination. Each installation comes with a free long-haired white cat.
Phrontistery, Sep 27 2012

       There must be an oscilloscope included.
RayfordSteele, Oct 01 2012


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