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Recycled Plastic Building Materials

Because it's everywhere!
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Having recently done a little recycling exercise with my children, making a strong "fabric" by ironing some discarded shopping bags together to make a 20-layer laminate, I got to thinking about doing something similar but on a larger scale.

Waste plastic is ubiquitous in our society and environment. In most cases a modest amount of heat and pressure allows you to form it into almost any shape you desire.

A mould, a heat source and a hydraulic press would be enough to get started on making wall sheeting to whatever size you require, followed by the addition of a flame- retardant coating, which is cheaper than intumescent paint. Using this method it would be simple enough to make wall panels with a very high insulation value, out of stuff we struggle to deal with in the wastestream.

It will take screws, nails and other fasteners readily, unlike compressed fibrous cement sheeting, and is impervious to water incursion.

Embedding plastic electrical conduit at the time of manufacture would also be a snap, further cutting construction costs.

UnaBubba, Apr 12 2012

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[4whom, Apr 13 2012]




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