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Master Your View

View-Master® Reels with my pictures in them
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On-line photo sites (ophoto.com, snapfish.com etc.) should add one more item to their repertoire of products that they will personalize with a picture of your choice (mugs, Christmas ornaments, mouse pads etc.).

Customized View-Master® Reels

You remember the View-Master® (see link) - the red thing that you shove a round disk of tiny pictures into, stare at a light source pulling the lever to reveal yet another exciting new image.

Well, instead of your kid looking at Barney or Superman they can be viewing photos of family members – particularly ones that will be arriving shortly for a visit.

You: Who do you see in that picture Billy?

Billy: That’s Aunt Ann.

You: Right! Where is she in that picture?

Billy: She is on a roller coaster.

viewerboy, Sep 25 2006

View-Master® http://www.fisher-p....com/US/view-master
Official View-Master® homepage [viewerboy, Sep 25 2006]

ophoto.com (now kodakgallery.com) http://www.kodakgal...ewaresOverview.jsp?
Mugs, Christmas ornaments and mouse pads [viewerboy, Sep 25 2006]

Snapfish.com http://www2.snapfis...ungames/t_=24450421
Playing cards, teddy bears and baseballs [viewerboy, Sep 25 2006]

Make your own ViewMaster Reels http://www.digitala...ake_your_own_v.html
Not exactly compatible with Snapfish, etc., by the look of it. [DrCurry, Sep 25 2006]

Take Stereo Pictures Digitally http://www.3dstereo...master/pok-dds.html
(By strapping two cameras together.) This product helps synchronize flash pictures. [DrCurry, Sep 25 2006]


       Reasonably certain you will need stereo pictures for this to work well.   

       You used to be able to buy film cameras that would take stereo pictures for ViewMasters. Don't know if there is a digitial equivalent - ah, see link - you can strap two cameras together.   

       If anyone tries this, do let me know (email address on account page) - I don't see in stereo, so the whole thing fascinates me.   

       P.S. Hey, good idea! You might well make some money by doing it yourself, then selling yoru service to one of the afore-mentioed sites, or ViewMaster itself. My understanding is that you have a year from today to patent the idea, but you should consult a patent attorney on that.
DrCurry, Sep 25 2006

       It's fairly easy to take stereo pictures with two disposable cameras. The tricky part is getting the film developer to get both rolls printed at the same brightness. If you don't say anything, they might be fine. If you tell them what you want, they may freak out.   

       Viewing your prints in stereo can be done with no gadgets. Find directions on the internet, and also explanations of wall-eye and cross-eye viewing.
baconbrain, Sep 27 2006




       You: And who else is in that picture?
Billy: That's Uncle Lester.
You: That's right Billy! And do you see what uncle Lester is doing?
Billy: He's cutting the brake line?
You: That's right, and that's why we never touch uncle Lesters veiw master ever again Billy.


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