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Da! Is Wednesday...Seven... Thirty... One... Forty seconds.
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A seemingly innocent Russian doll, sitting on a mantel piece.

You ask it the time, in a Russian accent or not, and it reads the time back to you in a heavy Muscovite accent.

The outer doll gives the day, then its top hinges open and the next doll gives the hour, the next the minute and the final doll the second, before locking back together in rapid sequence.

In Soviet Russia, time used to watch YOU!

UnaBubba, May 30 2012


       [+] plus a differently themed Matroyshka idea for your approval - Ah, what's this, as I flick through my Janes to the appropriate page, featuring a closeup of of what appears to be a handgun with a massive egg protruding from the top, let's read on.. "First you had the matchlock, then the wheelock, the flintlock; And then, sometime around the late 17th Century, a little-known Russian gunsmith from the Urals came up with the Matryoshklock, an intruiging ignition/priming ..."
zen_tom, May 31 2012

       I believe is should be MatryoshKlock, although as I have not invented the idea, it is a bit fresh of me to comment.   

       I am guessing it would tell you to get up, and go to work for the great Soviet, at exactly 6:30 am Moscow time regardless of what timezone you are in. I would also imagine it was nearly impossible to find the correct batteries, outside of Central Moscow, where there would be a substantial surplus, and it would be a court marshal offense to not maintain the batteries.
PainOCommonSense, May 31 2012

       Damn I'm late again ! sorry zen_tom
PainOCommonSense, May 31 2012

       [+] and the doll curtsies afterwards.
FlyingToaster, May 31 2012


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