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Maximum Variety Potato Chips

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I was at a dinner/auction the other day: they fed us dinner and then auctioned off merchandise. The table with the finger food had 6 or 7 different bags of potato chips, each a different flavor. Typical.

RockCo will soon offer similar varieties of chips all in the same bag. Plain, Sour Cream, Salt -n Vinegar, BBQ, Jalapeno, Ranch and Flaming Hot flavors. All in the same bag. A single bag to buy (a big bag, to be sure) instead of 6 or 7 individual bags. Certainly some flavor diffusion will occur which might even make things more interesting.

Cue the Nutrimatic: Share and enjoy!

whatrock, Apr 19 2022

Thermal Stability of Selected Spices https://bazekon.uek...l/zeszyty/171214519
It looks like I was mistaken, at least for these spices. Breakdown occurs at higher than crisp frying temperature [Voice, Apr 21 2022]

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       So every chip gets all flavors mixed into one confused calamity.
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2022

       Perhaps find a way to put the flavour "in", rather than "on" the chips? Eg. soak the slices in a flavoured bath (for a few hours or more) before draining & frying.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 19 2022

       I'll give this a bun, but it has to've been done.   

       (to've is a one syllable contraction of "to have" that fits the meter of the rhyme)
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2022

       hmmm, might want to compartmentalize each type of chip separate from the others.   

       I was expecting a bag of chips made from different kinds of potatoes. Yukon gold, russet, red, yams, etc. [Neutral]
21 Quest, Apr 20 2022

       The red ones will probably cause cancer, although scientists have claimed that all flash-fried potatoes cause cancer.
4and20, Apr 20 2022

       //before draining & frying.//   

       Can't be done, sorry. Heating to those temperatures destroys most of the spices.   

       edit: disregard this, I suck clocks!
Voice, Apr 20 2022

       Right so can you not spray a light coating of tasteless clear lacquer or something onto each crisp before bagging?   

       Or, have them bagged in separate compartments that are connected by something like det-cord so that when you open the outer packaging the inner partitions disintegrate?   

       Or apply the flavour to only one side of the interface crisps and package them like-to-like, a bit like how Pringles are stacked?
pocmloc, Apr 20 2022

       Pringles stacking for the win!
RayfordSteele, Apr 20 2022

       + I like flavor diffusion! When I was a kid I loved eating potato chips with bananas, then when I grew up and went to the tropics I had fried plantains (bananas)Which were very much the same taste.
xandram, Apr 20 2022

       But if flavour diffusion is the goal, just have "universal flavour crisps" which have a blend of every flavour applied in the factory.
pocmloc, Apr 20 2022

       //flavoured bath//   

       "Have you nearly finished in there? I need to pee!"
pertinax, Apr 20 2022

       [Voice]; I don't know what temperature frying happens at.
<related anecdote>
I peeled & cubed potatoes, then mixed curry powder into water & left the potatoes to soak in it in the fridge overnight. Next evening, drained & lightly roasted. To my surprise (I'm definitely no chef), it worked! Nice hint of curry flavour.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 20 2022

       Frying happens at 160 C
Voice, Apr 21 2022

       I was thinking "All Dressed" flavor chips in Canada might bake this, but now I think I see the difference. All Dressed are all the typical flavors (salt/vinegar, bbq, ketchup! etc) mixed together and then added to plain chips, so every chip in the bag is the same bunch of mixed flavors. This idea I think puts all different individually flavored chips together in one bag yes?
tatterdemalion, Apr 21 2022

       //I was expecting a bag of chips made from different kinds of potatoes. Yukon gold, russet, red, yams, etc.// but that kind of chips is already baked (well actually fried): Terra vegetable chips.
scad mientist, Apr 25 2022

       Not quite. I see 2 kinds of sweet potato, taro root, yucca, and parsnip.
21 Quest, Apr 25 2022


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