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Mayhem Adviser

The Anti Counselor
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Is it the light side or the bright side vs the dark side of the force?

Everyone is always prepared to judge and "give good advice" on this situation or that, stick their nose into matters that do not concern them. From time to time this practice deeply disturbs me I suspect that I am not alone

Bad Advice Counseling is a new profession almost like an opposite attorney if you will. However they do not discuss the consequences of any potential action. They would have to follow some kind of strict mayhem code of conduct. Not certain how exactly their job performance could be measured.

You would hire this person and their mission would be to tell you/ encourage you to do exactly the wrong thing based on the circumstances at play.

The ultimate use of a person like this would be a. get closer to clarity on exactly what the right decision might be to make from situation to situation. or b.this person is an enabler that furnishes permission to do those things that a person would not have the courage to do otherwise. He or she is on the scene to deactivate common sense and good decision making.

Also as a Mayhem Adviser you would have an easy time selling your services because you can openly admit up front that your product is bad. There would be no deceptive sales practices required unlike many legitimate service providers it would not be necessary to avoid discussion of the risks with your client for fear of not winning the work or competition.

vfrackis, Mar 05 2009

Adviser or Advisor? http://www.englishr...iser-or-advisor.php
We know that we're talking about someone who hands out advice, but is it advis-er, or advis-or? [zen_tom, Mar 06 2009]


       Category check, please.
phoenix, Mar 05 2009

       Oh, you mean like a financial adviser?
plasticspoon, Mar 06 2009

       I wish I had one!   


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