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Maze Of Perpetual Confinement

abandon all hope ye who enter here
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Maze Of Perpetual Confinement is so named because its convoluted walls are entirely constructed from vertical prison bars.

This means that no matter in which direction you look, there are vistas of bars overlapping each other that disable effective visual orientation. You can see other people through the bars and hold conversations etc, but it's not going to help in finding your way out as they will be as lost as you are in the forest of bars. The maze takes up a large area and does have a single solution, but even if followed directly several hours of travel are involved.

After a while, panic may set in for those foolish enough to enter, but this is where the use of the word Perpetual becomes clear as there is no rescue facility provided at the Maze Of Perpetual Confinement.

xenzag, Nov 06 2021

What’s the difference between a maze and a labyrinth? http://blog.english...ze-and-a-labyrinth/
[hippo, Nov 06 2021]


       Here’s how you solve. Bring a piece of wood in that spans 2 or 3 bars. Use it to guide you along one wall until that wall becomes the exit. Mazes with an entrance and exit are topologically reducible to a torus.
RayfordSteele, Nov 06 2021

       //Maze Of Perpetual Confinement//   

       Sounds like a spell from Jack Vance's Dying Earth or D&D.   

       What happens when someone takes an industrial blowtorch & heavy duty bolt cutter with them?   

       Later edit: //industrial// aka heavy duty for cutting through bars, seeing as [xen] seems to have missed the point
Skewed, Nov 06 2021

       Good luck with "wall following". You might want to read this first:
"If the maze is not simply-connected (i.e. if the start or endpoints are in the center of the structure surrounded by passage loops, or the pathways cross over and under each other and such parts of the solution path are surrounded by passage loops), this method will not reach the goal.

       Another concern is that care should be taken to begin wall-following at the entrance to the maze. If the maze is not simply-connected and one begins wall-following at an arbitrary point inside the maze, one could find themselves trapped along a separate wall that loops around on itself and containing no entrances or exits.”
xenzag, Nov 06 2021

       I supposed the traditional ball of string or trail of breadcrumbs would be equally unhelpful?
a1, Nov 06 2021

       //Good luck with "wall following"//   

       Why bother when you can just burn through the walls made of bars in a straight line, with those items you'd make your own path through it with entrances & exits wherever you want.   

       //You might want to read this first//   

       I did, you might want to engage brain & use it before responding once in a while.   

       //traditional ball of string or trail of breadcrumbs//   

       Marking your path with bars cut in two work for you?
Skewed, Nov 06 2021

       No, I wouldn’t bother with a torch at all. Just trail some line, and if I hit a dead end, back out to the wrong turn and mark it off so I wouldn’t repeat the mistake. Let’s assume [xenzag] allows anyone in with a board, a torch, OR my reel of monofilament a few miles long. Given the stated size of the maze* - I infer you can’t see the end point from the start - how do you know which way to cut through?   

       * the most direct path takes “several hours” so maybe ten miles at a minimum?
a1, Nov 06 2021

       Did I mention the guards who shoot people in the maze? Best to wait until the first shot is fired to create the greatest amount of terror.
xenzag, Nov 06 2021

       So this guy walks into a bar...   

       'Boing' says the bar to him.   

       'Ouch' he replies
Skewed, Nov 06 2021

       I could electrify the bars…….
xenzag, Nov 06 2021

       Hang on - is this a maze or a labyrinth? (link)
hippo, Nov 06 2021

       Defo a maze and no mention of labyrinth.
xenzag, Nov 06 2021

       You didn’t spell out whether the maze was simply- connected or not.
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2021

       Given enough participants, the maze becomes solvable as dead ends become congested and the path to the exit loses members as they leave. If someone is walking toward you, turn around, unless you've just come from a certain dead end. If someone is walking away from you, follow them.
LimpNotes, Nov 08 2021

       Wouldn't that result in both people turning around much of the time?
RayfordSteele, Nov 09 2021

       //Wouldn't that result in both people turning around much of the time?//

That oscillation would be controlled by the people who know they've hit a dead end. A chain that got stuck in a back and forth could break the oscillation when an individual that was near a fork decided to go the third way intead of directly turning around, at which point the rest of both chains would follow. Or if there was a fourway branch, the chain could divide to explore both.
LimpNotes, Nov 09 2021

       I was in a Maize once. I felt corn-ered.
AusCan531, Nov 09 2021

pocmloc, Nov 09 2021

       In the past, "confinement" sometimes referred to the seclusion of women around the time of childbirth.   

       ... not usually in a maze, but some hospitals could almost fulfill this function. There might be a horror movie to be made there.
pertinax, Nov 09 2021


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