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A truly international currency
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One McDollar (Mc$) is guaranteed by McDonnalds to have a value of exactly one burger.

The world would be transformed. No longer would I need to change my money when travelling to other countries as I could be sure in the knowledge that they would have the standard fast food vendor willing to exchange my currency for burgers. The people in said country would also realise this and so would be willing to trade my McDollars for other things such as real food...

The only problem of course is the name… McPounds (Mc£) would be preferable in an attempt to stop the yanks taking over the world but might give the impression that they are worth a burger that actually weighs a pound, of real meat…

RobertKidney, Apr 23 2002

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I proposed a unit of measure based on McDonalds quite a while back [krelnik, Apr 28 2009]

The Economist's Big Mac Index http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Big_Mac_Index
A measure used to compare the comparative value of currencies. [Aristotle, Apr 28 2009]


       the canadian McPeso, worth a burger up here, but only a french fry in the USA.
rbl, Apr 23 2002

globaltourniquet, Apr 23 2002

       Would people have to smuggle large quantities across borders?
oyea6, Apr 23 2002

       A fool and his croissant are soon parted.
phoenix, Apr 24 2002

       Have I just become currency?
mcscotland, Apr 24 2002

       May as well time the launch of this new currency for May Day. Let's see how many McDollars worth of damage gets done.
brewmaster, Apr 24 2002

       Do you have change for a large Coke?
angel, Apr 24 2002

       I suggest that name of McCredit. This is a nice idea BTW that fits well with the Economist's influencial McDonalds currency comparison survey.
Aristotle, Apr 24 2002

       The symbol should be "M¢" perhaps.
waugsqueke, Apr 24 2002

       Implications: The NYSE would move to Texas, giving the overinflated ego of Texans even more reason to gloat. Fort Knox would be converted to a high-security cattle ranch. The Fed would control monetary policy by adjusting cattle feed supply, and something would have to be done to stem the flood of counterfeit burgers and cattle smuggling operations. I wonder, could you sew one of those little money identifier strips into a Big Mac? Would a bun support holographic technology?   

       Would there be a 'Gold standard burger?' Would my investment be FDIC-insured?
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2002

thumbwax, Apr 24 2002

       We have these dont we? They are called Gift Certificates.
VeryCoolCat, Dec 28 2003

       Surely that would be "s2.65 in the us apparently."?
Basepair, Apr 02 2005

       Sp: burger
Basepair, Apr 02 2005

       Would the fed have to adjust interest rates to maintain dollar parity with the burger?
geo8rge, Dec 14 2005

       I like the idea of food-backed currency, but the food should be something more widely valued than a burger. I think it should be chicken. Chicken is valued by almost all peoples of the world; it's delicious, and having chicken-backed currency would tap into a physiological need higher ranking than that of wealth.
phundug, Apr 24 2009

       I bet if I knew anything about currency exchange I would shoot this down in a second, but I don't so it sounds great to me! +1.
DIYMatt, Apr 26 2009

       Even if you leave out the currency exchange rates, the economy in other countries is very different. If you were to make equivilant conversions, a trip to McDonald's could cost you a day's wages in some countries while you could probably take the whole town to lunch on the cost of a hamburger in other countries.
Jscotty, Apr 26 2009

       When they decrease the size of the burger.....INFLATION! Need to prop up the McDollar's value? Increase the burger size. So convenient.
Sweaty_Elvis, Apr 26 2009

       Finally provided a link for a 2002 annotation. My apologies for the delay ...
Aristotle, Apr 28 2009

       Could this possible cause another McRecession?
MikeD, Apr 29 2009

       I sure there's got to be a drinker's equivalant - referred to as the buzz, or some such unit.
normzone, May 01 2009


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