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Meat Me At

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These electronics are built onto rawhide circuit boards mimicking the electric conductivity found in living meat. These all leather goods replace handheld electronics as we know them. Meat Me At is a social networking website that organizes meetings. By becoming indistinct from meat electronics reify into a recognized nervous system that forms into a connective tissue of those that construct it.
rcarty, Apr 08 2014

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress http://en.wikipedia...y_Gaga's_meat_dress
[xandram, Apr 09 2014]

Conduction of Electrical Current to and Through the Human Body: A Review http://www.ncbi.nlm...rticles/PMC2763825/
Electric meat: the dumb version [Voice, Apr 09 2014]

The above link is a very interesting read - I'm going to take it as credit towards my Half Bachelors degree Half_20Bachelors_20degree
[normzone, Apr 11 2014]


       You lost me at "meat."
Alterother, Apr 08 2014

       It's large part crap idea.
rcarty, Apr 08 2014

       I'll do both immediately.
rcarty, Apr 08 2014

       I'm quite interested in Electric Meat...can you expound on that? Does it cook itself?
xandram, Apr 09 2014

       This conjours images of socially restricted types plodding along to a local and largely empty Wetherspoons (trans. pub) for a meatup, and each when he - plus, in the case of the one female present, she - dons a classic 80s style denim waistcoat, these items differing from the typical by dint only of the strips of recently butchered meat affixed by rudimentary needlework and the various bakelite and wires electronics spidersilking from one waistcoat to the next, yes these waistcoats are pulled on in a shy rather than reverent silence, the jukebox wafting unloved Britpop nostalgia into the stale air. Once donned, configured and connected these waistcoats create or perhaps more accurately assemble in their wires a Frankensteinian animal consciousness that thrums unsensed in the air, coming to terms, only for the period that the coatbeast is connected to the mains, with this singular, patchwork and contingent sense of self, unevolved, composed of the latent memory of each meat-slice. Then the time bell rings, the power is switched off and our meatuppers head home sober, to dream electrified of the creation they believe they have this evening past wrought and then lost forever.
calum, Apr 09 2014

       While this use of the <linked> study would make a scientist cry, I will still attach it above.
Voice, Apr 09 2014

       I"m thinking in terms of broader meat metaphor relating pastoral mass humiliations in a modest proposal to the present day where the social mass does still possess many valuable hides, and the economy of those. And the integration of new technology for desiring pleasure and current meat market efficiency compared to prior social organization forms. The coatbeast represents the exploded view of each of your social group's mounted hides integrated into imposing cognitive model that reflects the subjects powerlessness towards the system of value appraisal, or power over it and the formation of corporate social organizations through the integration of bodies into them with electronic communications. The corporeal hallucination that forms through the analogousness of functional types in the oppressive machinations of this wired meat market is made vivid by the term coatbeast, each meat slice of which it is composed is drawn closer into integration with its form through electronic communications, while other meat slices are alienated by social anxiety from fright of this conception of the social leviathan of the consumer culture.
rcarty, Apr 11 2014


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