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Media Miner's Hat

Simply a helmlet with a built in projector.
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The helmet would have to look pretty cool. The projector would have to be the smallest available. They make them now that run even smaller than those lights in a coal miner's hat.

It would be one of those things that lasts for a very short period of time and then noone ever uses it again.

It could hook up to your video ipod to project whatever. And it might even be able to play video games.

Also in the works for this helmet is a gyroscopic sensor input that allows the video game to navigate through 3D worlds based on your movement projecting the image wherever you walk. If you had on a backpack, much like [FarmerJohn]'s backpack basketball backboard, but had a projection screen instead of a backboard, it would allow you to wander around a big boring warehouse or field but actually be wandering around a pirateship in your game. Stairs and ledges would be kind of weird in this game, as you wouldn't really feel like you were going up/down them. Only walking on real flat space with projected flat space would be novel. If the projected space could conform to the geometries that are already there, that would be cool, but that will be saved for later.

daseva, Mar 30 2006

mini projector http://www.bmbf.de/...s/minibeamer_en.jpg
[daseva, Mar 30 2006]


       I'll take one in exchange for a bun.+
xandram, Mar 30 2006

       Have you seen my VR goggles?
methinksnot, Mar 30 2006


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