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Safety, speed and direction, integrated
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While on a motorcycle, bike, horse or even walking, you’ll be glad and you are wearing your Helmeter, the headgear that keeps you both safe and informed. At any time you can view the speed and direction of the wind or yourself.

This stylish helmet with head-borne weather station amazes with its clever simplicity. Its top one inch is an airfoil that can elevate and rotate on a shaft. As the airspeed increases, the lightweight airfoil lifts, and after number-crunching in an embedded chip, the speed is shown on a small display at the front rim. The trendy weather vane and a built-in compass also provide you with the air flow direction.

You hardly have to use your head to operate the Helmeter. Before moving, calibrate the meteorological helmet by letting it register the prevailing wind speed and direction. In motion, you can then choose to view the combined airspeed or see your actual speed and direction on the ground!

FarmerJohn, Jun 25 2003

sketch http://www.geocitie...hnnie/helmeter.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


thumbwax, Jun 25 2003

       Will it have bolt on accessories, like night vision, GPS, cellular phone, hearing enhancement, etc. ? I like the idea but the entry-level model just isn't quite geeky enough for me.   

       (Oh, and it needs a laser pointer on the side).
8th of 7, Jun 25 2003

       It'll have all that and more! I've just got to work out some kinks with the chin strap.
FarmerJohn, Jun 25 2003

       don't you think you are kinky enough?
po, Jun 25 2003

       Half kinky, I hope.
FarmerJohn, Jun 25 2003

       I want to like this, I really do but I just couldn't ride around with a weather-vane strapped to my helmet; No matter how trendy it is. I would be in hysterics, presumably like everyone I would pass. No fishbone.
silverstormer, Jun 25 2003

       I’ll wear it and you can laugh at me.
Shz, Jun 25 2003


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