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Medical Insurance for Cars

Pays for repairs that aren't accident related
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(+7, -3)
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How many times have you had your budget for the month wrecked when some important part of your car (like the head gasket, which I will use as an example because I recently became INTIMATELY acquainted with what it costs to replace one!) gives up the ghost?

Medical Insurance for Cars to the rescue! You pay a low monthly premium in exchange for insurance that pays for non-accident related repairs to your car. In order to keep premiums down, you can choose a plan with a per-year or per-incident deductable.

mwburden, Feb 01 2001

Safeware Insurance Agency http://www.safeware.com/
The company jbodden is referring to in his annotation. [bristolz, Mar 08 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Had to vote against; system already exists in current insurance policies. If you're packing basic coverage, you get hosed every time something goes wrong .. but if you have certain kinds of full insurance coverage (or `extended warranty coverage`, check with your dealer), you can get bumper to bumper for a monthly premium.
wingchild, Feb 01 2001

       Bumper-to-bumper coverage from the dealer might be great if you bought the car from a dealer. Doesn't help much if you bought the car used and it's way past the mileage limits of any warranties!
mwburden, Feb 01 2001

       I kinda figured that this would be an insurance that you would pay for yourself, like your current collision insurance. I thought that "Medical Insurance for Cars" would convey the gist of the TYPE of insurance that I was trying to describe while leaving the question of who pays for it open (people can and do pay for their own medical insurance). The rest is just semantics.
mwburden, Feb 01 2001

       If the idea exists in reality, it's baked, but not necessarily bad.   

       I gave this one the +1 because it doesn't exist as mwburden proposed (i.e. a separate insurance to cover non-accident related repairs), or I've never heard of it, in which case...links, please.
iuvare, Feb 01 2001

       Such insurance for computers does exist. <<WWW.SAFEWARE.COM>>> I'm a customer, not an advertiser.If something dies, warranty or no warranty, it gets fixed or replaced if cheaper than repair (usually). I can just see the automotive clunkers lining up for coverage now. Oh, those that come in by tow truck are NOT eligible! Pushing is also a disqualifier. Things falling off the vehicle - OK for Ford (normal) bad for all others.
jbodden, Mar 08 2002

       In the same respect that I hate paying high medical premiums due to people that abuse and neglect themselves, I wouldn't want to pay vehicle-med based on repairs from people abusing and neglecting their cars.
rbl, Mar 08 2002

       Sounds like extended warranty coverage to me, too. Umbrella policies are also available for non-accident related damage. You could always go to a company like Lloyds of London and have them cover whatever you want to propose. Bring money.
bristolz, Mar 08 2002


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