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Meeting LSO

Meeting assistant
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Your meeting LSO (Landing Services Officer) Is your sidekick meant to help enhance and control office meetings. You know what their regular job is, right? They help land and launch aircraft with those glow in the dark batons.

Now your assistant can wave off interuptions, point out whom to speak, signal - hey, man! Get to the point! And so much more! The possibilities are nearly endless. Call today to rehearse your meeting and reserve our best available LSO's today!

Zimmy, Nov 06 2010

Code duello http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_duello
[normzone, Nov 08 2010]


       That could probably be done in some meetings i attend, i.e. it would be accepted.
nineteenthly, Nov 06 2010

       // glow in the dark batons. //   

       Could they carry billy clubs instead ? More effective ...
8th of 7, Nov 06 2010

       // The possibilities are nearly endless.// which end are they missing?   

       But I like this a huge lot.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2010

       I've read up on running effective meetings, Roberts Rules of Order, and Code duello, and it all sounds really good. I have been in some very well run meetings, and I've been in a lot more abysmal ones.
normzone, Nov 08 2010

       The London Symphony Orchestra will provide accompaniment to my meetings??! ... <reads idea> Oh, right...
hippo, Nov 08 2010

       Today I came in to a client who was holding a meeting in the room where my stuff was. Had to stand and watch the whole thing for 35 minutes... I almost forgot about these. There MUST be a better way. BTW hippo - the batton could be used for conducting the London SO.
pashute, Nov 10 2010

       [pashute] Did you charge the client for the 35 minutes?
mouseposture, Nov 10 2010

       This is baked in at least some corporate structures. My father is sorta brilliant, but had a propensity for shooting off at the mouth. In his younger years, he had a woman that accompanied him to meetings. Her only job was to kick him in the shin under the table when he was close to going off on a tangent.
In No Particular Order, Nov 13 2010

       I read this as "Meeting LSD" at first
sninctown, Nov 14 2010


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