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Melon VR Booth

Immersive melony education
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A coin operated booth about the size of a photo-me booth that can be situated near the fruit and veg aisle in the supermarket. It will use a combination of stereoscopic goggles, odour release technology, tactile feedback gloves and 5.1 surround audio to recreate the experience of buying the perfect melon.
wagster, Sep 12 2005


       And the experience ends with a virtual overripe melon being cracked over your head, just so you know what that feels like, too.
DrCurry, Sep 12 2005

       Someone's on a roll?   Nope .... loose melon.
reensure, Sep 12 2005

       Perhaps grocery stores could just display an example melon, available for thumping and smelling for comparison to others. Only problem there is people just taking the example melon...
Worldgineer, Sep 12 2005

       <advert>I just want to buy a melon</advert>
DocBrown, Sep 12 2005

       Crap. I thought this had something to do with boobies.
crater, Sep 12 2005

       //I thought this had something to do with boobies.// Imagine the queues.
wagster, Sep 13 2005

       "Isn't it great to see so many men interested in melon education? Just look at that line."
Worldgineer, Sep 13 2005


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