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Political Pears

Pears that represent your party
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A new kind of advertising for election day. Political pears! Its a pear with all the fruity goodness but it looks like your party leader. Made by moulding the fruit on the tree while it grows with special moulds, so when you hold the pear by the stalk it looks like a politician! Then if you really hate them you can mutilate and eat them and feel the juice dribble down your chin, what fun!?
UK_inthe_NZ, Sep 04 2005

Helmut Kohl as "Birne" (pear), by Hans Traxler http://www.sozis.de/kmw/texte/birne.jpg
Cropped from the cover of "Birne: das Buch zum Kanzler", one of many similar depictions.
The conservative German chancellor of 1982-98, Helmut Kohl, was nicknamed "Birne" [pr: beer-nuh] for the shape of his head. [jutta, Sep 04 2005]

La Métamorphose du roi Louis-Philippe en poire, by Charles Philipon, ca 1831 http://www.loc.gov/...f/images/bnf170.jpg
This, too, was probably invented by someone French. [jutta, Sep 04 2005]


       Vlad: "It seems your cucumber, er .. I mean, your leader is smallish."
reensure, Sep 04 2005

       britney's pears.
benfrost, Sep 04 2005

       Would these be grown in Mexico?
ldischler, Sep 04 2005

       This is a really great idea that can be achieved with most fruits. I will try and find an interesting apple sized face and plaster cast it for affixation onto one of my mother's apple trees in the spring.
wagster, Sep 05 2005

       Yeah, i guess it could be done with all kinds of fruit, but political pears had such a nice ring to it. Plus i just thought you could out a nice sticker shaped like a rosette in the corresponding party colour too! How Pretty.
UK_inthe_NZ, Sep 20 2005

       By the way Idischler, why Mexico?
UK_inthe_NZ, Sep 20 2005


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