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Memorial to the Russian Royal Family

Commemorate the royal rulers of Russia
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The no-longer extant royal family of Russia were great allies of Great Britain in years gone by. Indeed, their families and those of our current monarchy are intertwined (as with much of Europe)- and some fled to England when their mother nation turned against them.

Occasionally great rulers, they were our allies in many of our historical battles, but as deposed leaders, they are little celebrated in Russia.

It would be a nice thing to commemorate our gratitude with a memorial.

I propose a black, featureless rectangular monolith, 1m x 4m footprint, 9m tall.

Hidden inside the apparently featureless face, images of the great Russian rulers are illuminated from within, triggered as a person approaches.

Frankx, Nov 06 2019


       //Occasionally great rulers// in the post Godunov years, maybe. Peter (and Katherine) the Great, in short stints. Not so much otherwise
theircompetitor, Nov 06 2019

       I suspect most nations have had their share of incompetent, in-bred, evil and down-right mad rulers. I know we have.   

       Given the number of Russian residents we have in London, I feel this would be a popular attraction.
Frankx, Nov 06 2019

       I am exceptionally tired of the seemingly endless documentaries, often British, about "the poor Romanovs." I'd like to see one documentary about the innocent people the Romanovs killed, including their inept leadership in WWI.   

       It's easy to blame Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany for WWI, though the simple fact is that the Romanovs, the British royal family and Kaiser Wilhelm were basically the same inbred cousins who'd been waging wars against each other all across Europe for centuries. Putin is no improvement -- rather a holdover who worked in east Germany after majoring in German at university, but no one should miss the age of Germanic dicators.
4and20, Nov 06 2019

       // Given the number of Russian residents we have in London// When a similar number of British citizens choose to live in St. Petersburg or Moscow, that'll be the time to celebrate Russian rulers. Until then, better celebrate your own.
theircompetitor, Nov 06 2019

       I've never liked the Romanovs since they attacked the Enterprise.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 06 2019

       Impressive cloaking technology, though.
8th of 7, Nov 06 2019

       all to be rectified in the new Picard series, apparently
theircompetitor, Nov 06 2019


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