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"Skip to the lou my darlin..."
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Large, modern cow farms have developed the cow milking carousel, as the most efficient method to milk their cattle. Cows with full udders step in, get hooked up, are milked, and step off again as the carousel slowly goes around.

This multi-stall public bathroom uses the same idea, albeit with a modification or two. Privacy doors are included, and it's not necessary to get up if you need to go around again.

(*This was my wife's idea, but she wanted the title to be 'Merry-Go-Poo.') Maybe she's right?

Usage by drunkards not encouraged.

RayfordSteele, Oct 02 2010

Cow Carousel http://www.onlineat...s_20070910038.shtml
[RayfordSteele, Oct 02 2010]

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       I'm easy with my buns [Rayford], but I'm not completely clear on just where the efficiency in this idea lies. The cow carousel allows a bunch of cows to be milked, according the the video in your link, "by just four workers."   

       I sort of hope there are *no* workers in your lovely Merry-Go-Loo. Who, exactly, benefits from this? The users get a ride around a loop. I get that.   

       Maybe you're suggesting that people enter through one door. Saves doors, I guess. But, the 'product' will have to piped out--or something. Maybe it could just be funneled to the center (the hub), saving plumbing? I dunno. Enlighten me.
Boomershine, Oct 02 2010

       I vote for Merry-Go-Poo.
pocmloc, Oct 02 2010

       Awesome link.
heh Merry-Go-Moo.

       No workers? Aw, that takes all the fun out of it.   

       One door would not be preferable, as you would be exposed if you happened to stay for another turn or two.   

       To be honest, I didn't watch the video myself and so wasn't sure where the efficiency was gained.
RayfordSteele, Oct 02 2010

       Perhaps the efficiency comes from this: the mountain (entrance to the stall) comes to Mohammed (the cow at the head of the queue) rather than vice versa. Cows, one supposes, can learn to follow one particular path to and from a location that's always the same, but can't be expected (without extensive training) to recognize an open stall, and find their own path to and from it, if it's not in exactly the same spot every day. Human loo-users, on the other hand might not benefit as much from the carousel concept.
mouseposture, Oct 02 2010

       Well over-said, [mouse] ;)
Boomershine, Oct 02 2010

       I also run into problems with this idea when I really try to draw a good conclusion from the comparisons between this idea and the cow carousel.   

       There are actually fairly complex systems in use in the dairy industry to deal with manure. I think those might be more the models you were looking for, [RS].
Boomershine, Oct 02 2010

       I'm bunning your wife. Sorry... [+]
Grogster, Oct 03 2010

       Instead of toilets, how about a group milking parlour, equipped with privacy booths, for recent mothers to express nourishment for their babies in a "herd" environment?
xenzag, Oct 03 2010

       It may be of benefit to have the seats set up on a sort of gimbal affair, so the user is tilted forward, with nethermost regions facing outward, as the carousel spins up to high speed, thus encouuraging bowel emptying at a far greater rate than is natural. This may be distasteful to some but may also be the equivalent of riding a rollercoaster whilst half-naked.
infidel, Oct 03 2010

       <resists urge to search for 'half-naked roller coaster ride'>   

       //the equivalent of riding a rollercoaster// A treatment for constipation, then: terror would cause the patient to evacuate their bowels.
mouseposture, Oct 03 2010

       This particular roller-coaster of an idea seems to only being going downhill.
Boomershine, Oct 03 2010

       The London Brown Eye.
marklar, Oct 03 2010

       I assume the centrifugal force resulting from the merry-go-loo's high rate of rotation will be used to help clients who find themselves a little 'sluggish'?
hippo, Oct 03 2010

       As I said, [hippo], the "slugs" will come out to play.
infidel, Oct 03 2010

       I don't want to clean the walls on the faster-moving ride.   

       [Grogster], my wife and I enjoy a monogamous relationship and will probably like to keep it that way...
RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2010

       [marklar]: [+]
jamobaker, Oct 04 2010

       Unlike the cow carousel though, wouldn't this be less efficient than the normal row of stalls where you can go straight to the unoccupied berth of your choice (or, more normally, the least worst option of those available). With the carousel you would have to stand around and wait for the next unoccupied 'stall' to come round.

For a more challenging bit of engineering, I'd go for the Ferris Wheel approach rather than the carousel.
DrBob, Oct 04 2010


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