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Don't go to the bathroom -- have the bathroom come to you!
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Most of the time, this well-crafted, gracefully designed porcelain toilet stays in the bathroom. But when you call to it, using any natural-language command, such as "Toilet, come here!", the Robotoi will disconnect from the wall and roll into your living room, or kitchen, or den, following the sound of your voice and using its infra-red sensors to navigate a route thru your house to your present location.

The toilet has sealed itself off at the bottom and it is now a stand-alone commode.

You conveniently take care of your business without ever having to look away from the television set, put down the phone, or stop working on your computer.

Using the toilet paper dispenser that Robotoi has built into it, you clean up, and send it away. Robotoi then returns to the bathroom from whence it came, reattaches itself to the household plumbing, flushes itself, and releases a pleasing puff of fragrant aerosol spray.

It is recommended that you visit the washroom before eating, so that you can wash your hands in a proper manner. ...Wait! Next idea: Robosink!

phundug, Aug 28 2003


       Does it come with a cone of silence and an invisibility cloak? You know, ahem, I mean, like when there are guests around.
kbecker, Aug 28 2003

       If Mohammad can not go to the toilet, then the toilet must come to Mohammad.

Or something like that.

       //:"Eeeww, the toilet must have tripped on the rug!"://   

       for making me laugh +
dickity, Aug 29 2003

k_sra, Aug 29 2003


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