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Metal Puzzles Bike Lock

lock bikes, then struggle to detach them
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Metal puzzles consist of two bent and formed pieces of metal, that lock together and can only be separated with some careful twisting, turning and dexterous manipulations.

Metal Puzzle Bikes are based on those same physical conundrums, except they are scaled up in size and function as proper bicycles, with the actual frames acting as the structural basis for the interlocking puzzles.

A cyclist equipped with such a vehicle can now look for the corresponding street stand, and attach their bike to it, by twisting and turning it into place. No keys are needed, but considerable strength, time, endurance, flexibility, patience and dexterity are essential.

Some puzzle frames facilitate two or more bikes being locked to each other, requiring the co-operation of the other owner to enable separation to take place.

Metal Puzzle Bike experts are only a phone call away for those unable to free their vehicles from captivity.

xenzag, Jan 13 2016

Some Classic Metal Puzzles https://s-media-cac...bf08c1d81249263.jpg
[xenzag, Jan 13 2016]


       Silly, silly, silly ...so definitely [+]
not_morrison_rm, Jan 13 2016


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