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Method of Loci Presentation

Give away your secret memorization method, along with your presentation.
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Presentation software like [insert brand here] are so bidimensional. Also, you never know if your audience will remember any of the pearls of wisdom you carefully prepared.

Enter the ancient method of Loci in the modern tech: Build your presentation inside a 3d world, and present a navigation through that world. A building, an island, a town, with your pearls of wisdom beautifully imprinted in buildings, trees, mountains, clouds or whatever will make a deep impression in the memory of the amazed audience.

selenio, Mar 21 2016

Prezi: Alternative Presentation https://prezi.com/gallery/
Give prezi a try, it's a nod in this direction, and while I've not seen anyone build up a presentation on top of, or adjacent to another, the way the slides are arranged over a 2-dimensional surface does give you the impression of moving through a conceptual world, or space. In a world of Powerpoints, Prezi does deliver a little bit of wow... [zen_tom, Mar 21 2016]


       Thanks for the bun, my first bun. (Or did I click Vote by accident?)
selenio, Mar 21 2016

       Now this I like. Would a maze make it easier or harder to remember a presentation I wonder?
RayfordSteele, Mar 21 2016

       Amazement is a state to pursue by a presentator but not to the extent of throwing people into a maze, unless that is a very familiar maze.
selenio, Mar 21 2016

       Interesting. Based on my extensive 5 minute research on the the Method of Loci, it sounds like to be most effective, the location needs to be someplace that the audience is already familiar with. So when giving a presentation to co-workers, the company building might be very effective. At a conference in a city where the audience doesn't live, you could try to use the hotel or conference center, but that might be less effective since the building is less familiar.   

       I'm trying to think of a building layout that would be fairly universally known, but I am drawing a blank. I guess you might be able to use a world map, but that is not as spatially interesting.
scad mientist, Mar 21 2016

       interesting, I have to think about this in the context of VR.   

       There are fairly universally known buildings and citisccapes, the method is used in a sense in practically every movie (e.g. they show you the Eiffel Tower so you know you're in Vegas)
theircompetitor, Mar 21 2016

       // There are fairly universally known buildings and citisccapes //   

       Yes, I can identify quite a few major cities by recognizing a few iconic buildings, but for the ones I haven't been to, I have no idea where these buildings are in relation to each other. Now you could associate facts with individual iconic buildings, but based on what I read, it is the relative position spatially that makes this work.
scad mientist, Mar 21 2016

       So, this Loci method thing...
...um, that's how I was supposed to have been taught. Took me close to forty years to figure it out on my own.
Not good.

       <walks away muttering something about guidance counselors, time machines, and types of ammo>   

       Loci sounds like the next really super, super food. Like all the other berries we are supposed to be consuming like jelly beans. Sorry, off topic, but I had to get it off my chest. I 'll bun it cause you seem to enjoy croissants.
blissmiss, Mar 22 2016


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