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Microwave 3D Precise Baking

Use 3D printing technology for food
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A microwave bowl is placed in a plastic microwave- transparent clamp. Focusing microwave "guns" (magnetron and waveguide) surround the clamp from all sides.

A camera inspects the 3D dimensions of the food.

Preset programs for various types of food and cooking are used to achieve "baking" "cooking" or even "broiling" like effects on the food.

In the expensive versions, an ultrasound image determines the inner textures, so that a better preciseness can be achieved.

Areas that would heat up to undesired high temperatures in a regular microwave oven, are heated for less time or with lower energy. Areas where an overheating effect is desired are heated for longer periods. The heat loss of the food's textures will also be taken into consideration.

pashute, May 28 2014

A precursor to this idea MicrowavePot
[pashute, May 28 2014]

Similar, but without the microwaves R_2eA_2eR_2eE_2e_20S_2eT_2eE_2eA_2eK_2e
[normzone, May 28 2014]

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       This idea was inspired by thoughts about the drawbacks in a "microwave pot" that I was going to put here, along with an "egg cooker" (stay tuned). While writing this idea and searching for the correct category, (after failing to find Microwave Oven under Category::Home) I discovered [codesuidae]'s Microwavepot (c link)
pashute, May 28 2014

       You could use this to microwave eggs and acheive a set white and a runny yolk (or vice versa).
hippo, May 28 2014

       This is done for cancer treatment already. One laser alone won't damage tissue, but where 3 intersect, you burn away the tumor.   

       The equipment is expensive, but could easily be used for food.
sophocles, May 28 2014


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