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Mid-sea Rehab Conservatory

"Dead" parts of mid ocean and seas rehabilitated
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Intensive fishing and pollution have caused large areas in the sea and ocean to become virtual "deserts". They don't have enough oxygen and most of the marine life died away or keeps away.

So here's the idea: Create long floating mangrove islands connected in large circles, with a small amount of wave or sea-flow powered air pumps, pumping oxygen into the water, creating an underwater "conservatory" for fish. Just like there are land conservatories for Chimpanzees etc, but these are undersea conservatories for "regular fish" and other marine life.

I'm talking about mid sea marine life. No corals.

The "park authority" will also use tethered underwater robots to clean the sea from plastic bags.

Within a short time, I'm sure there will be all kinds of rare fish and other marine life that will turn up. The place can then be set up as a safari for rich visitors, or perhaps for growing food in floating aquaponics, with the small amounts of water loss returned by natural dew.

pashute, Jan 22 2012

No oxygen in sea water http://www.scientif...xygen-ocean-coastal
Only troublesome if you use oxygen [methinksnot, Jan 22 2012]

Specific example in the Baltic http://en.wikipedia.../Baltic_Sea_hypoxia
Only troublesome if you care about the Baltic [methinksnot, Jan 22 2012]


       //They don't have enough oxygen// Ah, link?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2012

       Is this what you mean, [pashute]? (link) It doesn't mention intensive fishing as a cause but it does mention pollution as a possible/probable cause.
methinksnot, Jan 22 2012

       I keep reading this as Mid-sea Rebab Conservatory. An installation in the Red Sea could serve both functions.
spidermother, Jan 22 2012


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