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Mime Artists On A Plane

TV sequel to "Snakes on a Plane"
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Mime Artists On A Plane pop up with increasing frequency and imitate the actions of the cabin crew, especially the familiar safety procedures and the dreary food and drink delivery.

They have of course been infected by the deadly Mime Artist On A Plane virus.

As the tale unfolds, it becomes clear that no-one is safe from being overcome by this pernicious disorder.

Otherwise conservative travellers emerge from the toilet, their faces painted white and torture those waiting patiently in the queue with demonstrations of how to fit the useless flimsy life-jacket. Particular attention is paid to use of the "topping up tube".

The only warning sign of impending infection is the tendency for the unfortunate victim to begin repeating the mantra of: "chicken or beef, chicken or beef, chicken or beef"

Eventually only one heroic passenger remains uninfected, as the entire plane, including the pilots, become zombified mime artists (the crew imitate the actions of the passengers)

Part one of a 7 part, 21 hour saga of compulsive viewing ends with the pilots forcing the plane to mimic the actions of a person trying to escape from the confines of an invisible glass box, by flying around in a square shaped holding pattern......

xenzag, Feb 11 2010

Ninjas of the Carribean http://www.ninjapirate.com/pirates.html
"Scene 1: A curse is put on all ninjas so they can't feel pain or die. Ninjas don't even notice because there is no change. One ninja chops off his head with a spoon just to prove how badass he is." [zen_tom, Feb 12 2010]


wagster, Feb 11 2010

       Samuel L. Jackson in deadpan white makeup ...   

8th of 7, Feb 11 2010


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