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Mini-labels and sub-mini labels

Printable labels for only the inner portion of the PC
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CD labels are great for producing attractive CD labels, but they're pretty expensive and only print 2/page. It would be useful to have 20-up labels for the inner portions of CD's or DVD's. They should cost 1/10 as much as full-size labels, but be very useful for labeling a wide variety of disks--everything from prerecorded media to backup disks.

For applications where even cheaper labels were needed, sub-miniature labels would be 1.6" x 0.6" rectangles 80/page with pre-punched holes for application at the CD center (these labels would have two usable areas of about 0.6"x0.6" on either side of the holes).

supercat, Aug 01 2003

Hub Labels. http://www.surethin....asp?ProdCode=20006
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Hub labels are now available in some computer stores. They even come on a roll for one-up label printers.   

       The rectangular label idea is fantastic! Could you use an existing stock label, and punch the proper sized hole in it? If so, there's a market for the hole punch.
Amos Kito, Aug 01 2003

       The advantage of having the holes prepunched when the labels are manufactured would be that the holes would thus be perfectly centered. When using a disk in a 40X drive, an unbalanced label could destroy the disk and the drive, so having the labels balanced would be an important and good thing.   

       I haven't quite figured out how the applicator should best work (since the idea would be to use these things to label a lot of disks, a convenient applicator would be a must). My guess is that the best method would be to design the sheets to be easily separable into strips, and have the applicator auto-feed the labels on a strip. Doing that might require adding some waystrips between columns of labels, thus reducing their dimensions or reducing them from 80-up to 64-up. If it all worked, though, it could be pretty nice and convenient.
supercat, Aug 01 2003

       I wish they would come out with labels for the 3 inch CD-Rs. By "come out" I mean be able to purchase them witout owning a credit card.
Amishman35, Nov 30 2003


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