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Minimal treadmill

A shoe attachment for treadmill simulation
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The purpose of this idea is to eliminate the need for an actual conventional treadmill. Although an inclined surface is probably needed, that is the only similarity to a conventional treadmill.

This idea is for a shoe attachment, which includes wheels lining most of the bottom of the shoe. People would just walk and walk.

Another option exists for eliminating the need for an inclined surface: include motors and batteries. This would be a motor- driven pair of roller skates, permanently in reverse. It would be programable for set distances and speeds like a regular treadmill.

Benefits include: less power consumption, less space taken for treadmill, you can take it with you (portability).

I'm starting to hear my dreams. time to go to sleep.

twitch, Oct 19 2008


       Did you ever notice how people always try to find the closest parking spot when they go to the gym.
theGem, Oct 19 2008

       hmmm, without something to hold on to someone's gonna git hoit. (+)   

       And moonwalk circles around your friends!
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 20 2008

       //Sorta baked in the Space Shuttle, where users on the treadmill wear smooth cotton socks and "run" on an inclined Teflon slope//
Inclined? Inclined to what? They're in free-fall.
coprocephalous, Oct 20 2008

       Not if they're accelerating. Or if someone has recently farted in a specific direction, mind you. Anyways, the reverse rollerskating version isn't going to save as much energy, I think. Also, the design is going to have to be impressive. People shift forces in numerous directions when they walk, allowing for a number of potential angles with which to gain momentum. Your wheels will have to be on pivots, or resemble those cool vacuum cleaner balls where the thing rolls on a big ball rather than wheels. Anyways, it's almost baked by rollerblades.   

       Oh hey, funny joke I heard the other day: What's the hardest part about rollerblading?...
Telling your parents that you're gay.
And I heard that from a gay man so I'm pretty sure I can say it too, right?
daseva, Oct 20 2008

       Hey, I rollerblade and my wife rollerblades, does that mean our daughter will be gay too?
MisterQED, Oct 20 2008

       is that "daughter" or " "daughter" " ?

       (no actual offense intended)
FlyingToaster, Oct 20 2008


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