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Mirrored Selfie Steering Wheel With Camera

Autoloading To Facebook! Capture Your Last Horrified Expression For Posterity!
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The market for this GROGco product seems to be dwindling...

On the plus side, we may never see another selfie!


Grogster, May 04 2014


       [21], did you mean, "...commanded to drink..." --- or did you mean, "...commended for drinking..." ??   

Grogster, May 04 2014

       Hold it just a moment. If the camera is in the steering wheel, why does the steering wheel need to be mirrored?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2014

       For more flattering shots, it should be higher than the steering wheel.   

       Well, the driver may be flattered in another way, so who cares.
sophocles, May 05 2014

       //...why does the steering wheel need to be mirrored?...//   

       [MB], have you ever selfied yourself? Have you seen someone in mid-selfie? They are looking at themselves by holding their camera phone at arms length, scrutinizing their image prior to snapping the pic.   

       So, the steering wheel must be mirrored to give them the image they can then obsess on. The camera in the steering wheel peers out through a tiny hole in the dead center of the mirror. They can hurtle down the highway at high speed, staring into their image, making sure there is no lettuce stuck in their teeth.   

       Say "CHEESE!"
Grogster, May 05 2014


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