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Mirrored cat hats

Broad-brimmed hats
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These hats reflect lasers away to prevent distraction from assigned duties. They also provide some comfort for the working cat.
Voice, Mar 29 2016


       How are they attached - nails, screws or bolts ?   

       Or do they clamp onto the ears with serrated clips ?
8th of 7, Mar 29 2016

       Somehow I read "These hats reflect lawyers away to prevent distraction from assigned duties." Hmmmm, it's a legal issue then I suppose.
blissmiss, Mar 30 2016

       //How are they attached //
With a c clamp, the fixed end under the cat's jaw and the threaded end bearing down through the lidless mirrorball top hat to the cat's skulltop. This doesn't keep the hat all that securely fixed - the hat flops about round the central pillar some - but the c clamp method does have the singular advantage of keeping 8th (a) busy and (b) off the street.
calum, Mar 30 2016

       business: arcade?
notexactly, Mar 30 2016

       <rushes to place bulk order for c-clamps>   

       [Voice], when will these be available ? We'll take a containerload, fresh off the line.
8th of 7, Mar 31 2016

       Explanation for the clawless?   

       Oh wait. Your referring to the gazillion videos showing cats running after the lazer pointer dot... right?
pashute, Apr 02 2016


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