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Misleading photos of royalty on currency

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I propose that for the next monarch, the banknotes should have some misleading photo of the (aforementioned) monarch on them.

That might seem absurd* but putting your own photo on all the banknotes has the drawback in that all of your subjects will have a damn good idea what you look like. In the past that was probably a good thing, but in this papazzi-infested world....

When caught urinating in a back alley, beating a corgi, or falling over drunk coming out of nightclub, it is difficult to avoid being identified as the subjects need only pull out some banknotes and compare.

So, photos with Mr Potato Head style glasses and false nose - yes, photorealism no.

* Never stopped me before, mind you.

not_morrison_rm, Oct 24 2013

stocking face http://armedrobbery.../03/14072012112.jpg
[xandram, Oct 24 2013]

#43 The_20Zero-Dollar_20Bill
It's more than he deserves [Alterother, Oct 26 2013]


       Perhaps photos of Martin Luther King, Prince and Freddy Mercury? As an addendum you could print photos of currency on royalty just to confuse the issue.
AusCan531, Oct 24 2013

       //beating a corgi// I never knew they called it that!
pocmloc, Oct 24 2013

       Erm, what do you call it?
not_morrison_rm, Oct 24 2013

       Picture of Michael Jackson. The pic could change every few years to show the different versions of his face.
RayfordSteele, Oct 24 2013

       One could pull a nylon stocking over their head and it distorts the face significantly.
xandram, Oct 24 2013

       But nylon stockings are breathable. I suggest an improvement: plastic shopping bag.
RayfordSteele, Oct 24 2013

       It's an interesting notion putting a picture of yourself on money. A monarch implies all the money is theirs. But what if everyone had money printed with their own picture in proportion to the amount of money in the economy they have generated?
rcarty, Oct 24 2013

       ^$10 Bills?
AusCan531, Oct 24 2013

       How do you know this isn't already done? For example, the real Queen is both older and larger than shown on English currency.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 24 2013

       //the real Queen is both older and larger   

       Milord Buchanan, if you inspect the banknotes, you will quite clearly see they say "not actual size" under the engravings of the queen..along with "contents may settle" which I'm presuming is a legacy disclaimer from the gold standard days.   

       Waking up this morning I was thinking of Prince Charles's ears, surely they can't be real? So perhaps the spoofing has already started.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 25 2013

       We've been doing this forever here in the States. I don't know if you've seen George Washington lately, but he looks /nothing/ like his portrait on the single.
ytk, Oct 25 2013

       That's Washington??? I thought they updated the one to show GW Bush!!!
Canuck, Oct 25 2013

       //Nonono, they put Dubya on the $3.00 bill   

       I suppose, with a good enough microtome, this might actually be possible.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 26 2013

       Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but Dubya's already on a bill. <link>
Alterother, Oct 26 2013


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