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Mobile phone receiver key ring

You can call it when you've lost your keys
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If you've lost your mobile phone in your flat somewhere, it's easy; you just call it, it rings, you go to where the ring came from, and hey presto, you've found your phone. You should be able to do the same with your keys.

Most of the bulk in a mobile phone (and most of the power consumption) is taken up by the transmitter. You don't need that in your keyring; you just need a receiver, a power source (probably just an AA cell), a SIM card and a ringer. The battery would probably be the bulkiest part, unless you can get it to use so little power you can get away with a Lithium battery.

sam, Jan 10 2001

Elite Pager on a Keychain http://www.galaxyma...el/pager/page4.html
Baked in six (6) great colors! [egnor, Jan 10 2001]

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       May I offer a refinement: since what you're really describing is a pager, how about simply having a keychain pager? This would both allow you to find your keys when they're misplaced, and also provide a convenient way to keep your pager with you.
supercat, Jan 10 2001

       Ok PeterSealy, make light of a serious subject. I like it. I remember searching for days on end for my wife's keys, if we had only had one of these I wouldn't have needed to look under the bed, in the closet, in the sink, in the drain, in the grate, in the heating duct, in the couch, etc. etc. etc.
barnzenen, Jan 10 2001

       Where did you find your wife's keys barnzenen?
baby_steffee, Apr 03 2001

       It's been so long, but I think we finally found them behind/under a chair in the den. Or maybe it was behind the catbox. Drat! Stupid memory!
barnzenen, Oct 02 2001


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