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Money Gum Ritalin

I’m not a morning person
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I don’t wake up completely in to full coherent-ness in till I’m about halfway to work, driving. It’s then when I remember I was supposed to bring my stupid toolbox (or something) with me. It doesn’t matter what it was I supposed to bring with me, I’ll forget it. Back in the days of high school it was simple; money, gum, ritilen. This went through my head to remind be to bring gum, my wallet and whether or not I had taken my medication.

My solution to solve my current situation is a system of 2 Ethernet mounted digital scales. The first weight taken is myself exiting the bathroom in the morning, after showering, with nothing in my pockets. After I get ready to leave, I walk on the second scale located before the front door. The computer in the system takes the 2 weights and determines if I have my wallet, keys, medication, PDA, laptop and can of coke. This is a standard collection of items I would require, and would change daily (nightly?) If the weight is off, the computer asks if I have everything, if the weight is all correct, the system says goodbye and sends me on my way.

evilpenguin, Aug 21 2007

Walmart self check-out http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Self_checkout
Checks weight in bag versus known weight. Scan 2 cans of soup and try to slip in 3. It won't let you. [Klaatu, Aug 26 2007]


       This is adorable. It's totally bakable, too. You could weigh each item indiviually the night before and enter the item name as you do so. The system could easily then determine what you were most likely missing the next morning. I bet it would be 98% right. +
globaltourniquet, Aug 21 2007

evilpenguin, Aug 21 2007

       ALERT: You have either eaten an extra bowl of muesli or forgotton to take your morning poo.
marklar, Aug 21 2007

       "your sweater is too heavy and as a result you have forgotten your mother-in-law."
k_sra, Aug 21 2007

       You need to stick RFID tags on each item, and get a security scanner that goes off if you don't have one when you leave.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 21 2007

       Another approach, though rather halfbaked, would be to leave your toolbox/ritalin/other stuff on the scale that's in front of the door, the night before.   

       Just before you leave, pick everything up. If the scale reads 0, then it means you can leave.
phundug, Aug 21 2007

       [phundug] that works if I had the time to prepare such items. I usally don't, seeing as how I work 12 hours a day, have fun for 3 and then pass the ____ out.
evilpenguin, Aug 21 2007

       Actually, it would take longer to weigh and label each item the night before than to just pile them onto the scale.   

       But, [phundug], with your method, how would you remember to look at the scale to make sure it reads "0"?
globaltourniquet, Aug 21 2007

       //weigh and label // thats too complicated to do every night.   

       Maybe I'm not making this clear. There is a computer that would remember everything I needed, and if there was something special that I needed, I would simply open up the GUI and select the item for the next day.
evilpenguin, Aug 21 2007

       I hope you remember to do that, [e.p.] ^_^
phundug, Aug 21 2007

       You might still forget your PDA on days when you were constipated.
bungston, Aug 21 2007

       The computer could also give you a task to perform -- one that requires two hands -- if you are able to do it then you obviously aren't carrying your toolbox.
phundug, Aug 21 2007

       Make a song out of your morning routine.   

       "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the coffee... go down!"
RayfordSteele, Aug 23 2007

       I don't believe in coffee
evilpenguin, Aug 26 2007

       Maybe this idea isn't quite so half baked <link>.   

       If Walmart can do it, why couldn't you? [+]
Klaatu, Aug 26 2007

       It would be useful if the computer could go with you and know what you went into the walk-in cooler for. Everyone I've ever talked to about the phenomenon, forgets what they went in the walk-in for, at many businesses. Its fairly easy to remember as soon as you exit the cooler. Maybe it should be standard equipment on all walk-in coolers.
abadon, Nov 08 2007

       [Klaatu], the self checkout does indeed weigh the items and check against their proscribed weight, but its only retaliation if they don't match is to shout loudly in hopes an employee would notice. They don't.   

       Anyway that system is flawed, which is why it lets you get away with it. Consider this. Last month I bought a 10lb bag of soil at the self checkout at Home Depot. I couldn't possibly place that item in the bagging area (even though it begged me to), so I scanned it, paid for it, and went on my way. Nobody noticed, as they are all too numb from hearing the damned machine complain so much.   

       Anyway, if I can sleep through the alarm clock for half an hour, I think a certain hung-over penguin could walk right by the shouting machine unmoved.
Spacecoyote, Nov 08 2007

       What about food? Wouldn't how full/hungry you are affect the results?
devnull, Jul 20 2008


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