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Mobile phone swatter

Bash an unattended mobile phone to silence
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How often are you working with colleagues/ co-workers in one room. One of them leave the room for whatever reason and forget to take their mobile phone with them. Pretty soon all other people look up annoyed to search the mobile phone with that stupid ringtone.

To channel our group frustration I offer: the mobile phone swatter.

It is very similar as the flyswatter, it easy to carry, it is light and it just as long to reach that nasty mobile phone. Once the mobile phone is hit, the mobile phone gets a little shock – just enough to “crash” the software but leave the hardware unharmed.

I know this idea is similar to phone bashing and all other anti-cell phone idea’s, but I would like to propose a harmless solution.

spekkie, Apr 09 2002

Booneez 100% Red Fox Urine http://www.booneez.com/hproduct.htm
(3rd item down.) UB, I'd recommend this over cat piss any day. Much more pungent, and commercially available in a convenient spray.

"So Fred, what do you do?"
"I'm in red fox urine collection, Hank." [waugsqueke, Apr 11 2002]

it's been done... http://www.phonebashing.com/
[mihali, Apr 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Ear plugs.
neelandan, Apr 09 2002

       With earplugs I cannot hear the rest of the people...
spekkie, Apr 09 2002

       Revenge is a dish best served without ring-tones.
Aristotle, Apr 09 2002

       The 'software' is firmware, isn't it? Wouldn't the phone just 'reboot'?
phoenix, Apr 09 2002

       Cellphonus rantus infinitum, ad nauseum. Get over it.
bristolz, Apr 09 2002

       Couldn't you just stick your finger down your throat and then barf on the phone? I think your colleagues/co-workers would get the hint then.
pathetic, Apr 11 2002

       -Unabubba- I second the motion. From here on out, lets just replace these rants with the chart of recent stock activity of Nokia!
pathetic, Apr 11 2002

       Check for surveillance cameras. Pick up their phone. Throw it against the wall. Deny everything.
dag, Apr 11 2002

       Answer the call and pretend to be the police. Tell the caller that the phone has been seized in a murder/kiddy fiddling/fraud* inquiry.   

       *Delete as applicable according to your colleagues sex and status.   

       See how many people leave their phones unattended then.
Mayfly, Apr 11 2002

       Setting aside most evil intentions, I have a few constructive suggestions re- unattended cell phones.   

       1. The Pre-Emptive Strike - turn off the ringer of the offending phone as soon as the owner leaves the room (assuming they are a repeat offender).   

       2. The Power and the Glory - simply remove (and hide) the battery of said offending phone.   

       3. The Forward Thinker - set the offending phone to call-forward all incoming calls to the local AA chapter.   

       4. In extreme cases - duct-tape the cell phone to the owner's head!
Canuck, Apr 12 2002

       // we have foxes here... It never occurred to me that they smell bad. //   

       UB, I don't know if the foxes themselves smell bad, but their urine certainly does. I can vouch for this firsthand. A friend of mine was a target of a high-school prank - his nemesis got into his locker and sprayed his jacket with the stuff. Almost vomit-inducing.   

       The idea: this could be a new feature on cell phones. Press a particular series of buttons (or navigate the menu) and a collapsible fly swatter deploys out the antenna of the phone.
waugsqueke, Apr 12 2002

       Why not just have a small soundproofed dome to place over the phone (or a lockable box to put it in) so you can't hear it any more?
-alx, Apr 12 2002

       Just throw it out the window.
Mayfly, May 17 2002

       The convention in my office is that unattended ringing mobiles get put in the fridge.
JKew, May 19 2002


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