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Mock Every Prophet/Religion Day

Aka Skeptic's day
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In the spirit of treating every religion with the due they deserve, and not placing special treatment on any particular ones... leaving other religion to grow (~~fester?~~) in the area where we don't shine the light...

Let's have a "Mock Every Prophet/Religion Day".

Logistically it is also easier to deal with, since you are not restricted to only burning one particular religious figure. But can burn any particular one that happens to be easier to reach!

Plus with the advent of globalism, getting a whole variety of religious figures and books and etc... are much easier nowadays! Let's not limit ourselves.

If we increase the variety of religions we mock. Then that is a boon to the local economy! Since there be more economic niches for smaller business to establish their corner! Thus preventing bigger companies from crowding out other smaller corporations in producing items for that day, through their massive economics of scale.

mofosyne, Jan 21 2015

Mock the Prophet Day Mock_20the_20Prophet_20Day
Mock Every Prophet/Religion Day (V0.0001 Beta) [mofosyne, Jan 21 2015]

Mother Shipton http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Mother_Shipton
Ursula Southeil (c. 1488–1561) (also variously spelt as Ursula Southill, Ursula Soothtell[1] or Ursula Sontheil[2][3]), better known as Mother Shipton, is said to have been an English soothsayer and prophetess. [mofosyne, Jan 21 2015]

Prophet's day http://en.wikipedia...ophet%E2%80%99s_Day
[mofosyne, Jan 21 2015]

World Religion Day http://en.wikipedia.../World_Religion_Day
The counterpart to this day. Sooo maybe make this day on opposite sides of the year to this [mofosyne, Jan 21 2015]

The strange and wonderful history and prophesies of Mother Shipton https://books.googl...yJbAAAAcAAJ&pg=PP11
The sacred book of the new religion. Any who mock or criticise are blasphemers. [pocmloc, Jan 21 2015]


       There are many prophets who don't have religions, e.g. Mother Shipton. Should we start their religion in order to be able to mock it?
pocmloc, Jan 21 2015

       — pocmloc, I see no reason why we shouldn't. (All hail Mother Shipton!)
mofosyne, Jan 21 2015

       Slightly less likely to turn into Annual Burn a Cross on a Lawn Day, but not by much.
RayfordSteele, Jan 21 2015


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