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Modern Arcades

Modern arcades based upon network of cheap console machines.
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The age of arcades has passed but I think there could be a resurgence with the availability of cheap consoles. The idea would be to network together enough consoles and have enough selection to attract people. The other part of the deal is to only charge a nominal fee of like 5 centers per minute or something like that vs the one time quarter fee. This would be tracked by play cards (kinda of like Kinkos).
ddn, Sep 21 2009

Dave and Busters http://www.daveandbusters.com/
[MechE, Sep 21 2009]

Manga Cafes http://web-japan.or...tyle/lif040318.html
Game consoles, audio equipment, rent per time. [jutta, Sep 21 2009]


       seen it baked mfd yada yada
daseva, Sep 21 2009

       How about using REALLY GOOD PC machines? How about an arcade with multiple soundproof pods set up with three or more screens a piece, each with bleeding edge graphics coming from a dedicated machine and great full immersion Dolby Hexadecaphonic Stereo which includes a sub-woofer that barely passes OSHA safety guidelines and could be used as a sonic defibrillator. Add in real effects like smoke, strobes, IR lights for heat effects and padded air pistons to "simulate" "external stimuli".
MisterQED, Sep 21 2009

       Couldn't you just put those words in quotes all together? Confused. Also, yes, QED's idea is closer to something I haven't seen.
daseva, Sep 21 2009

       A few arcades are still surviving, mostly by having lots of games in the specialized controller/console category. Among those are several that use cards, although usually per play, not per time.
MechE, Sep 21 2009

       HMV on Princes Street, Edinburgh has (had?) a big room downstairs with exactly this!
It was sponsored by Microsoft and for a nominal fee you could play the latest games on their XBox network.
MikeOliver, Sep 21 2009

       I'm still waiting for an exergaming gym.
sninctown, Sep 21 2009


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