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Modify the cASE

Someone, please find or write this for me.. Make the Caps lock key USEFUL
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I propose a small app which would gain huge popularity, then be integrated by MS into windows...

If I highlight a word, phrase, etc on an editable peice of text, I want to press caps lock and toggle the case of the letters.

One press = Straight toggle (awesome for those who press caps lock and keep typing)

Two Presses = All Upper-Case

Three Presses = All Lower-Case

Four Presses = Back to origional.

I know this would be a small program.. I implore you.

JackandJohn, Mar 11 2003


       I thought about this the other day. Hence, I am the inventor of this idea, and should be entitled to any royalties. Until they start rolling in, have a croissant.
sambwiches, Mar 11 2003

       Well, in MS Word you can press [ALT] O + E + G.
angel, Mar 11 2003

       You can do this in WordPerfect (Shift + F3? can't remember). If you read the annotations to "mOVE cAPS lOCK" elsewhere here, maybe you'll find shortcut info.
snarfyguy, Mar 11 2003

       Or don't bother, [angel]'s got it.
snarfyguy, Mar 11 2003

       //I implore you.//
<pedant>I beseech ye, therefore.</pedant>
thumbwax, Mar 11 2003

       Yes! Finally someone else shares my views. I typing and finding that you have typed the last sentence in CAPS and then you have to erase it all because you cannot toggle it to normal. I think if Microsoft can create multibillion dollar monoplies they can at least create an a CAPS toggle option in the setup.
joshkouri, Mar 12 2003

       [ sambwiches ] Chalk that up to the universal mind, but I thought of this about 8 months ago ;P croissant's are yummy.   

       [ angel ] [ snarfyguy ] those are workarounds, and only from within a wordprocessor.. I need it system-wide. And why can't we use the caps lock for something? If you have words highlighted, it has absolutely no use (unless you are going to type over i9t, but that doesn't count ;)   

       [ joshkouri ] Yes, I too am cursed with typing while looking at the keyboard... I can do it fast, but I'm stuck and this whole caps lock thing /really/ bugs me :)
JackandJohn, Mar 12 2003

       I think J&J's solution is more intuitive than [ALT] O+E+G or (Shift+F3? can't remember).
beauxeault, Mar 12 2003

       [ Mr Burns ] I tried that.. The graphics were so bad that I didn't want to look at the screen, and I'm fast enough with 7 fingers and looking to be able to get fairly far in the game.   

       casemods.. heh.. nice one (Yes, I have a home-made plexi case and another with custom windows & CCFs :)
JackandJohn, Mar 13 2003


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