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Mole Tunnel Mapping Robot

About the size of a mole, it crawls through underground tunnels and maps them.
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Drop in in a hole and it randomly rolls around underground mole or groundhog tunnels while recording distance traveled, angle of the unit, turns made, maybe even air pressure.

Laser or light sensors would be used to find turns, branches etc. for navigation. When it finds its way back to the surface, it relays this information that's used to create a 3D model of the tunnels.

Why? If it's about getting rid of them, knowing the extent of their lair is probably useful On the other hand, it might just be kind of cool to see.

doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2023

Animal tunnels – a challenging target in near-surface imaging https://www.sensoft...scanning-mapping-2/
[a1, Feb 20 2023]

And just fir fun https://mousetrapmo...ive-trapping-moles/
Watch ‘em dig in a mole farm! [a1, Feb 20 2023]


       This reminds me of a tool used by plumbers to find blockages in drains, using a live camera feed.   

       The advantage of the plumber's tool is that more power can be supplied to it (by cable) if it gets stuck. The disadvantage is that it's limited by length of cable.
pertinax, Feb 20 2023

       Yea, sounds like a lot of work too. I also think you'd be dislodging dirt and collapsing tunnels more than recording them.   

       Plus if you want to map it out without messing with the moles (if it's just for fun) little robots could do the job better and not hurt the little guys.   

       Could even blow a horn when one's in the way.
doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2023

       [+] neat idea but I wonder about losing your tracker and disturbing tunnels and the critters therein. If the main objective is a good 3D mapping of the tunnels, ground penetrating radar may do the trick (link).
a1, Feb 20 2023


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