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Mood Reading Keyboard

Measures your galvanic skin response, heart rate, temp etc and makes letters that match your state of mind.
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If you're mad, the keyboard that features finger sensing thingies, an IR reader etc. changes the letters to look very mad. I don't know, jagged lines or something. If you're happy, it makes happy letters maybe, puffy and cartoonish. If you're sad, droopy and sad looking. Maybe it's got a mike to measure if you're sighing or even laughing or crying.

The appearance of your words would match your mood.

If you like this idea, please feel free to click the bun icon.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


doctorremulac3, Jun 01 2021

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       The keyboard would have an optical sensor, camera or whatever to get the IR profile, you could certainly add facial feature recognition.   

       And of course you'd be able to switch it off. (rattles bun collection cup)
doctorremulac3, Jun 02 2021

       When the reader mouses over the text, each word could display a tiny video clip (with audio) showing the author's face as they were typing that word, plus a pop-up set of graphs showing their heart rate and other bodily statistics, as well as charts showing recent food intake and social interactions.   

       De-luxe version uses eye-tracking tech to track the reader's gaze and automatically plays the appropriate video and audio for the word they are currently looking at.
pocmloc, Jun 02 2021

       this seems to border on magic. It would be great if people knew when I was being sarcastic! I don’t know what sarcastic font would look like but maybe people could understand that it is sarcasm. I hate puffy and cartoonish letters and therefore that would not work when I was happy. I sort of like the idea but not sure how it would really work.   

       //even if you got a mike?// sp. mic
xandram, Jun 02 2021

       Oops, thanks xan.
doctorremulac3, Jun 02 2021

       cool... so if everyone thinks this is possible then I will give a moody bun.
xandram, Jun 03 2021

       ^ Not really possible without an involved hardware surgery. Even if the keys had just a complex waveform data set, an AI computation would need a mood reference.   

       A EEG headset might be the easiest and amusing way. A large reference data set is still needed for accuracy.
wjt, Jun 05 2021

       Improvement: The skin response is read from where you place your palms, not your fingertips.
doctorremulac3, Jun 05 2021

       Not Moon Reading Keyboard?
xenzag, Jun 05 2021

       Lying extracting algorithms by subscription only.
wjt, Jun 06 2021

       //Not Moon Reading Keyboard?//   

       I sometimes do a thing where when voice to text input gets what I said totally wrong I just go with it. So if I say "Seri, text the wife I'm going to the store to buy some pickles" and Seri says "You said, I'm going to score on sober Don Rickles. Are you ready to send it?" I just say "Yes." When she says "Huh?" I say I'm going to the store, and if classic old time comedian Don Rickles is still alive and happens to be there for some reason, I'll congratulate him on his sobriety if he quit drinking but challenge him to a pickup basketball game and score some sweet dunk shots on him because he's so old. That is if there's a basketball hoop set up in the store. Might be home late. But if it turns out he's dead and not at the store I'm just picking up some pickles."
doctorremulac3, Jun 06 2021

       That is a bit of a Freudian slip there, even the "picking up some pickles". If you're going to "score on Don Rickles" you're going to wind up with one sore asshole. On the other hand, you will finally find Don Rickles's most sex-appealing font.
4and20, Jun 06 2021

       I'd obviously be the top, but speaking of interesting slips, I see you assumed taking it up the ass from an ancient standup comedian would be the standard procedure.   

       But I don't judge.
doctorremulac3, Jun 06 2021

       There is actually a need for something to replace the emoji. Sarcasm gets lost as does good natured humor (for instance, 4and20, that was a friendly pat on the back bar joke done with a smile, and an oblique nod of appreciating your humorous take on the example, I would have done the same) I've had business texts misinterpreted because I use humor waaay more frequently than is appropriate in my business dealings and emojis are stupid.   

       When I'm being sarcastic, I don't make a stupid face with an ear to ear grin and 2 inch teardrops flying out of my eyes.   

       I'm thinking you can measure heart rate pretty accurately with the soft bar you rest your wrists on. That might be useful.
doctorremulac3, Jun 06 2021

       Or be less subtle, and write a <sarcasm included> or <emotional tone important> postscript.   

       Doesn't spell out the mood directly but questions the reader.
wjt, Jun 06 2021

       You know, just the facial recognition cam would do a lot. I was smiling and even chuckling when I read 4and20s post and responding to it. The smile cam could change the color of the writing from, I don't know, red to green maybe?   

       Hmm, color codes might be confusing. But I have had jokes get taken seriously, assuming that's happened to others as well. Human communication relies heavily on facial expression.   

       Could somebody comment on if their face changes when they're surfing the web or commenting? I think I just look like I'm in a trance but smile occasionally.   

       So really, just the smile sensor maybe.
doctorremulac3, Jun 07 2021

       //Hmm, color codes might be confusing.//   

       Perhaps some other way of indicating the user's facial expression in text? I can't think of anyway to do that though. ;)
AusCan531, Jun 08 2021

       It does it by adding a <intensely direct>plain text commentary. Perhaps a special markup language could be <vacant look>developed so that capable systems would display the font or other effect, while <smug pleased with self>incapable systems would display human-readable annotations.
pocmloc, Jun 28 2021


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