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Mood cap

velcro eyebrows
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Each hat is sold with a selection of velcro eyebrows which you attach to the front of the hat that best represents your mood.

\ / angry

/ \ sad

--- --- sleepy

--- / confused

Obviously my choices are limited with a keyboard, but with different eyebrows to choose from, and different positions to place them in, the combinations are endless.

[Please dont rate this idea by my lame graphic representations]

shinobi, Sep 05 2006

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       After some Spockkish Consideration ( _ / ) - never to be confused with Mooreist Assesment ( \ _ ) - I propose a oO(V)Oo.
zen_tom, Sep 05 2006

       I only have 3 emotions;   

       mature love   

       national security   



       If the hat can do them, I will buy a million.
sleeka, Sep 05 2006

       _____ =Bert from Sesame Street
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 08 2006


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