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TV for pillion passengers
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A motorcyclist's crash-helmet is fitted with an LCD screen on the rear, and a forward-looking TV camera to the side of the visor. This way, the passenger gets to see the road ahead.
For really boring bits of road, the display can be swapped for a movie from an onboard DVD player.
coprocephalous, Apr 11 2006


       my father always used to like his "back to the engine" (trains). I wonder why pillion riders can't get to face backwards.
po, Apr 11 2006

       In some countries, the ladies ride side-saddle on the back of the bike. They can look over the driver's shoulder quite easily. (I'd like to see a woman try riding side-saddle in the USA--I'm sure she'd get arrested for dangerous activity.)   

       I suggest you move the screen to the rider's back, and attach the camera to something besides his helmet. Otherwise you've got both screen and POV lurching horribly. The only direction that the passenger wants to see is straight ahead--though it might be nice to know where the driver is looking, sometimes.
baconbrain, Apr 13 2006

       Periscope up or to the side built in helmet or sunglasses ?
popbottle, Jul 30 2015


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