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Morbid Fascination Lane

Satisfy the sicko within
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Add a lane to motorways on the other side of the hard shoulder with entrances and exits at convenient points. This will allow people to indulge their morbid fascination and drive slowly past an accident to try and catch a glimpse of gore without slowing down dangerously and, often as not, causing another accident.
harderthanjesus, Jun 09 2004

category Car : Rubbernecking http://www.halfbake..._3a_20Rubbernecking
several related ideas here [krelnik, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

"Crash"/1996 http://www.imdb.com...0115964/plotsummary
James Spader/Holly Hunter/Elias Koteas film about a cult club of car crash fetishists who sexually revel in re-enacting famous accidents. [jurist, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       'stop! quick! she might still be warm...!'
philmckraken, Jun 09 2004

       bloody *l*
po, Jun 09 2004

       of course filtering across traffic from 3 lanes will cause a delay as well.
engineer1, Jun 09 2004

       Create temporary, realistic wreckage scenes to slow down speeding traffic.
FarmerJohn, Jun 09 2004

       Farmer an easier option just put a pattern similar to the back of a police car on the back of your vehicle. (this may be UK centric)
engineer1, Jun 09 2004

       I'd vote for FarmerJohn's idea.
Pericles, Jun 09 2004

       Ha. + And I like Farmer John's idea.
sartep, Jun 11 2004

       FJ: actually, that's usually done with real or simulated police cars.
DrCurry, Jun 11 2004

       they do have pictures of crashes, although not actual mock ups, of crashes by the roads in the Republic of Ireland, but i guess they do this other places too.
etherman, Jun 11 2004

       This will be abused like the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle - ie.carpooling) lanes....   

       "What seems to be the problem officer?"   

       "Can you tell me what color the interior was on that wrecked Honda back there?"   

       "Well, uh... The sun was in my eyes, so I couldn't really see... blue?"   

       "Sir, it was red. I'm going to have to write you up for failure to rubberneck in the MF lane."
luecke, Jun 11 2004

       I'm sexier than Buddha and harder than Jesus.
- Spider Jerusalem
yabba do yabba dabba, Jun 11 2004

       Congratulations [yabba do yabba dabba]! You win the grand prize!
harderthanjesus, Jun 11 2004

       You gave me two half buns! Thanks!
yabba do yabba dabba, Jun 11 2004

       Tabs: ha!
htj: ha! Huh?
DrCurry, Jun 11 2004

       But...if the morbid fascination lane's purpose is to view crashes without causing another crash, wouldn't that (in theory) wipe out most accidents, therefore proving the morbid fascination lane useless? Hmm. Just a thought.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 12 2004

       Also, have temporary parking facilities, refreshments, video cameras for rental, and souvenir photos available on plates at the exit.
Ling, Jun 12 2004


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