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More Complete Solar System Map

Including the named planetoids outside the orbit of Pluto
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I was flabbergasted to discover a week or so on a google news item that there were several large planetoids in orbit outside of Pluto's orbit. Upon further searching it seems that there may be at least 70,000 known objects outside of Pluto's orbit.

Prior to reading that article I was under the impression that once you passed Pluto or Neptune, it was vacuum until the next system.

I could not find a map indicating orbits & I wish I had one. I hope this doesn't qualify as a WIBNI. I was thinking that the most appropriate format would be a website that would give known info by clicking on the object.

I can't find a very good link of the recently revealed discovery in the Kuiper Belt, but when I read it, it said the planetoid was bigger than Pluto.

Zimmy, Aug 11 2005

(?) Planet or Planetoid Xena? http://www.webprone...ePlanetXOuting.html
Best I could find. [Zimmy, Aug 11 2005]

Solar Views http://www.solarviews.com/eng/toc.htm
There is some informed discussion and mapping of the Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud and Sedna included on this site. [jurist, Aug 11 2005]


       And if [Sartep] decides to chime in, I'm doing this as instigational prose to try an increase the celestial knowledge base of the critters inhabiting this occasionally pleasent rock. We probably both know that the restaurants on Nibiru are the worst in the galaxy (at least of all the ones I've been to).
Zimmy, Aug 11 2005

       You might find the discussion on the Solar Views site linked below to be helpful. You'll need to scroll down and click on the sections for The Tenth Planet, The Kuiper Belt, The Oort Cloud, and Sedna.
jurist, Aug 11 2005

       Thanks, [jurist]. That's a far better site than I've been able to find.
Zimmy, Aug 11 2005

       I've heard talk of us actually living in a binary system, with the second star orbiting furhter out than Pluto.
pooduck, Aug 11 2005

       I've been trying to draw up a map for myself. I started getting into some trouble with the eccentric orbits of some of the outer "bodies".
Does anyone know how to determine the ellipse center offset from the sun?
Zimmy, Dec 04 2006

       Kepler, probably.
pertinax, Oct 14 2020


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